Forestville Friday Updates!


Upcoming Dates:

September 26 - Student Holiday (Rosh Hashanah)

October 5 - Student Holiday (Yom Kippur) 

October 10 - Staff Development Day - Student Holiday 

Dr. Reid

Superintendent Community Conversations

Dr. Michelle Reid will continue to host Superintendent Community Conversations across the division through November to get to know our communities. Events are being scheduled at high schools in each pyramid at 6:30-7:30 p.m. Schools will share registration information with families and employees in advance of each event. See the list of events that have been scheduled.

The save the date for the Langley Pyramid is 10/26/22.

Ability Testing

FCPS uses ability testing as one consideration of the holistic screening process for advanced academic services. Test scores are not weighted or prioritized in the holistic screening process.

  • All students in Grade 1 take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT)
  • All students in Grade 2 take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

Information from the assessment also may be considered when making instructional decisions for student differentiation needs, such as access to advanced mathematics coursework in elementary school. 

Forestville Elementary School will administer the CogAT the week of October 11th, 2022 to all second grade students, as well as select 3rd-6th grade students without an abilities test score on file. The NNAT3 will be administered to all students in first grade in March 2023. 

Parents of students in 3rd-6th grade, may request a one-time retake of the CogAT (week of October 11) or the NNAT3 (week of November 15). Please email Afton Carlson by Thursday, September 29th if you would like to exercise this one-time retake for your child. If you have any questions, please contact our Advanced Academic Teacher, Shana Twitchell, (  or Assistant Principal, Afton Carlson ( More information regarding the Advanced Academic Program and Ability Testing can be found by visiting this website.

Preschool Community Peer Program

Forestville Elementary is pleased to announce that we will be having a community peers program for our preschool program. The Early Childhood Special Education staff have been investigating the possible opportunities for our students to participate in integration activities with typically developing peers. This will involve teaching preschoolers with delays and without delays in the same classroom. It can provide young children with a more stimulating environment, teach skills for coping with different situations, and provide the opportunity to learn appropriate social skills.

Our program will invite a limited number of community preschoolers (1-2 per class), who are of the age of 4-5 years old, to participate in our daily preschool activities. The children from the community will have the opportunity to make new friends and share experiences with current early childhood special education students. Our students will, in turn, benefit from being with community peers who can model appropriate language, motor, and social skills.

All children learn through their play. Intellectual growth occurs in a social context, influenced strongly by the quality of social interactions. The goal of this program is to encourage active learning and promote social interaction and acceptance through shared experiences between the community children and our preschoolers with special needs. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please feel free to contact Ms. Bahamonde, Forestville preschool teacher, at, to learn more about the program. 

Please reach out to Ms. Bahamonde as soon as possible if interested, as she will need you to fill out an interest form by October 3rd and the preschool program will be having a parent information session and playdate on October 6th, from 11:00-11:30am. 

Dining Room Assistant Position:

This position supports and works with another staff member in the cafeteria - $12.03 per Hour

Description: Assists students during lunchtime. Supervises student clean-up, keeps order and dismisses students to their teachers.

Qualifications: Friendly, energetic, and assertive in maintaining expectations of cafeteria behavior, and loves working with children.

Please email Afton Carlson at if interested. 

PRC Webinars

The FCPS Parent Resource Center offers a welcoming and engaging environment for families, educators, and community members. It provides access to information and resources to support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs, and disabilities.

Throughout the year it offers family and educator webinars. Upcoming sessions include: 

To join the PRC email list and receive notices of upcoming webinars, sign up for their News You Choose newsletter