WPHS - News You Choose 7/29/22


Happy Summer Daze Wolverines!

I truly hope you all have been enjoying your summer!  For the fall athletes I know you all will be back in full swing next week.  I wanted to reach out to share with you several important updates.


Staffing at West Potomac


As you may have read yesterday, Dr. Reid sent some information regarding teacher staffing in the county.  The teacher/staff shortage has had a major impact at West Potomac and many other schools across the district.  97% of the district being staffed does not equate to 97% of an individual school nor does it include other vacancies beyond teachers that are crucial to the functioning of a school.  Since April, we have attended all the county job fairs, we have reached out to universities and other professional networks, and we have contacted retirees.  Those efforts have yielded great results and closed our staffing gaps significantly, however, we do still have several vacancies.  As I write this, we are still interviewing with the goal of having all vacancies filled.  If we are unable to fill these positions by the first day of school, we are working to have long term subs who are certified in the content area.  Some courses in our Academy will need to have certified teachers. If we are unable to secure them, the county will need to make decisions about those courses. Currently, we have the following vacancies:


  • 2 math (Alg 1, Geometry)
  • 1 Social Studies
  • 1 Special Education and 1 Public Health Aide
  • 1 Spanish
  • 2 Practical Nursing
  • 1 EMT and 911
  • 1 JROTC
  • 3 Main Office Personnel (Office Assistances and Attendance Admin Assistant)


If you know of anyone who may be a great fit for West Potomac, please encourage them to apply.


Construction Update


We continue to get excited about our new space.  A lot of work has been happening since June.  As far as we have been updated, we are on target for opening the school year in our new facilities including parking and kiss n ride.  We will let you know if anything changes between now and Aug. 22nd.


Senior/Junior Parking


We will have student parking.  What we are waiting on is knowing exactly how many additional spaces will be added.  In the meantime, we can begin our process to collect names of those who would like to be considered for a parking pass.  As a reminder, the initial step is to sign up for consideration, it is NOT a guarantee of a parking pass.  We will collect and compile the list, on a first come first serve basis with Seniors having priority.  You can find the parking information on the West Potomac Homepage by 3 pm today.  The google form to sign up will go LIVE on Monday Aug. 1st at 9 AM.  If you will receive a pass, you will be contacted directly by Aug. 15th and you will be assigned a day to pick up your pass during the week of Aug. 15th



Thank you,


Tanganyika H. Millard, Ed.D.