Message from Principal DeSmyter

Dear Shrevewood Community,

I share in your grief, fear, and frustration about the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. These events impact us all in personal ways. One thing we all have in common is our condemnation of these senseless acts of violence. 

Another thing we have in common is our commitment to keeping our schools, and the students and employees within them, safe. FCPS and Shrevewood work together to make critical safety upgrades to our buildings. We plan and practice day-to-day safety and security measures, and respond swiftly to any concern or possible event. 

We also know that our students need care, support, and understanding as they learn about acts of gun violence. Many students came to school today apprehensive and concerned about yesterday’s tragedy. Our classroom teachers as well as counseling team were great supports and reassured our students that Shrevewood is a safe place. There are other resources listed below, and we encourage everyone to use them.

Gun Violence Prevention

Student Safety and Wellness

Thank you so much to the parents that reached out with notes of support for our Shrevewood staff and students. We stand together, as the Shrevewood community, and in solidarity with the Robb Elementary School community. We’ll continue to work together to make Shrevewood a safe place for everyone.


Joshua DeSmyter