Funds Needed


As you may have heard, Mr Jackson looking for funds to purchase new uniforms for the Basketball team! They have not had new uniforms since 2003 and the ones that have survived are in sad shape. Our basketball team is an important activity at the school! It can really be a crucial motivator for some of our students and can really help students to feel connected to the school, other students and staff.  It can be a significant source of pride and self esteem boost many suffering from anxiety and depression so desperately need. 

We have had one family donate so far but are still in need of funds- if you can help please contact Ms Min at

Thank you all for your consideration of this request and your support!


Plans are underway for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6)! 

Hi Cedar Lane Families!  Cedar Lane’s Staff Appreciation Week is May 2-6th.  -this year has been especially challenging and we want to make sure staff knows how much we value them and are grateful for all that they do!  We are looking for parents who would donate gift cards to offer as raffles during the week! If you would be able to donate- please call (703-208-2420) or email Jennifer Min at  Please also encourage your student to write a small note or tell staff that they are appreciated for all that they do!


Cedar Lane Beautification is scheduled for May 16 at 8:30 am.   We will be offering students the opportunity to get outside and help to make Cedar Lane BEAUTIFUL!  This is a very fun day of digging, weeding, trimming and planting! We also are hoping for plant/shrub donations- in particular, we are looking for donations of annual and perennial flowers and plants for sun and/or shade- but would make good use of whatever you can donate! We will be requiring masks and observing social distancing guidelines. Please contact Ms. Min at 703-208-2420 or by email at  to donate!  Thanks!