Message from the Principal


Greetings Saxons,

There are good vibes flowing in Saxon Country! Let’s get this party started!

The most advanced ensembles in the choir and band departments each received a rating of “Superior” (the highest rating available) from ALL of the judges at their respective assessment events last weekend. This, along with the same result from our orchestra department a few weeks ago, means that Langley has once again been named a “Blue Ribbon School” as awarded by the Virginia Music Educators Association! This is the highest honor of its kind, and Langley is one of only four high (or middle) schools in the entire state to have a streak of over ten years. Congratulations to ALL of the students and teachers who are a part of this exceptional achievement!

Congratulations to Sankrith Ramani and Zelmay Jan who advanced to Biology Olympiad semifinal which will be held later this month.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performance at the FCPS Regional Fair!

“The Effectiveness of Various Hydroelectric Turbines” by Ben Mahdessian, Sam Troy

  • Grand Prize Award
  • 1st Place Category Award in Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design
  • 2nd Place Scholarship from the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Northern VA Chapter (AFCEA) Award
  • 1st Place Achievement Award from the US Agency for International Development Award


“Edible Water Spheres and Spherification” by Kayla Cho, Lianna Hong

  • Grand Prize Alternate
  • 1st Place Category Award in Cellular, Molecular, and Computational Biology
  • 3rd Place from the American Water Works Association, Virginia Section (VA AWWA) Award


“Assessing the Impacts of Rapid Climate Change on Arctic Soil Conditions by Combining Satellite and In Situ Measurements” by Jenna Cai

  • Grand Prize Nominee
  • 1st Place Category Award in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Student Award For Geoscience Excellence from the Association For Women Geoscientists, Potomac Chapter (AWG)
  • Honorable Mention Award from the Clean Fairfax Sustainable Swag Clean Fairfax Council
  • NASA Earth System Science Project Award


“Using Machine Learning to determine the probability of a file containing malware to prevent Ransomware attacks” by Alisha Luthra

  • 2nd Place Scholarship from the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Northern VA Chapter (AFCEA) Award
  • 1st Place Certificate from the CIA
  • 1st Place Stipend Award from the MIT Club of Washington DC Award


“Qmoko the Ultimate Maze Solver and Shirover the Remote Robot” by Lauren Goetz, Jayce Walton

  • 2nd Place Category Award in Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Honorable Mention from the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Northern VA Chapter (AFCEA)
  • Honorable Mention CIA Certificate
  • Achievement Award Certificate from the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Northern Virginia Section Technology


“Wind Powered Urban Air Purifier” by Woojin Byun, Chioh Lee                

  • 2nd Place Category Award in Environmental Engineering


“Creation of realistic ocean waves by displacing a plane with octaves of Perlin noise” by Ian Hoffman

  • 3rd Place Category Award in Mathematics and Computer Sciences


“The Effect of Light on the CO2 Augmentation of Yeast” by Katherine Davis

  • 3rd Place Category Award in Biochemistry

“The Effect of pH Levels on the Enamel of Permanent Adult Teeth” by Sri Allam, Hannah Habib

  • 3rd Place Category Award in Biomedical and Health Sciences and Engineering


“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” By Charlotte Loving

  • 3rd Place Category Award in Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Promising Engineering Award from the Society of Women Engineers, Baltimore Washington Section (SWE-BWS)


“Ball-Milling Method and Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks” by Kevin Lee, Sean Lee         

  • Honorable Mention in Chemistry

“The Effect of Steaming on the Vitamin C Levels of Fruits” by Andrew Chian

  • Honorable Mention in Chemistry

A shout out to Langley's Model United Nations team for winning the Outstanding Large Team Delegation award (2nd place equivalent) at McLean High School’s Model UN competition this past weekend. Most of our students won individual awards, which are listed below.  Best Delegation is equivalent to first place, Outstanding Delegation is equivalent to second place, Honorable Delegation is equivalent to third place, and Verbal Commendation is equivalent to fourth place. Congratulations to these students!


United Nations Settlements Programme (UN Habitat):

Cami Hiek & Ahmed Chotani: Verbal Commendation

Zane Al-Dalli & Gautam Raut: BEST DELEGATION


United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC):

Leah Robinson & Claire Guo: Honorable Delegation

The Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM):

Zara Ghattas & Kai Henryson-Gibbs: Verbal Commendation

Ben Tran & Sonya Thott: Outstanding Delegation

Ashley Headrick & Leo Roberto: BEST DELEGATION

United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA):

McKenzie Hiek & Lauren Sung: Outstanding Delegation

Family Equality Council:

Sophia Bongiovi & Sawyer Sosna: Verbal Commendation

Julia Fremberg & Billy Oh: Honorable Delegation

Nedim Ozden & Danyal Ashraf: Outstanding Delegation

Golden Globes Board of Directors:

Zain Rahman: Verbal Commendation

Matt Tam: Outstanding Delegation

The Republic of Taiwan 1949:

Molly Lukas: Outstanding Delegation

CIA Crypto AG Pre-2018:

Anshra Malik: Honorable Delegation

The Washington Post:

Kai Neilson: Outstanding Delegation

Joint Crisis Committee: Peloponnesian War: Sparta:

Sebastian Ghersi:  BEST DELEGATION

The Council (AdHoc Committee of the Secretary General):

Shaan Sabharwal:  Honorable Delegation

Last Sunday, the Langley Up club held an International Day event which featured fabulous international cuisine and student acts. Congratulations to club co-presidents Nava Berwick and Anupriya Roy. A huge Saxon thank you to each of the student performers.


I wish each of you a great weekend!