Changes to Masking in FCPS begins Tomorrow

Shrevewood Families, 

As you know we are entering a new phase of the pandemic that will bring about changes to our health and safety measures. First of all, know that the health and safety of you and our students is our highest priority.

State law now allows parents/guardians to elect for their children to not wear masks at school starting March 1, regardless of health metrics in our community. 

In addition, late Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated health guidance that included new metrics for determining COVID-19 community levels. Based on this new guidance, Fairfax County’s current COVID-19 community level is low. 

Based on these new metrics and CDC guidance, FCPS will now adjust our roll back plan and allow everyone - staff and parents/guardians of FCPS students - to make a choice whether or not they will wear a mask starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1. 

Here at Shrevewood ES, all students will be treated the same regardless of their masking choice. Students will not be asked to separate based on who is wearing a mask or not. Our interactions with all students will be based on care and respect. Remember, our students look to us as examples of how to treat each other and how to work through these situations. 

Please talk with your children about your families' choice for mask wearing at school. If your child arrives without a mask, we will assume that is the choice you made at home. 

Families of students with special needs, who may need additional consideration for health reasons, should work with their IEP or 504 teams.

We assure all students and families that Shrevewood ES will remain a caring and supportive place to learn. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you, 

Joshua DeSmyter, Principal

Susie Lilburn, Assistant Principal