CES Transportation Update and Weather Related Update 1.28

Transportation Update - Buses 4 & 6

Transportation continues to work through driver shortages and supporting needs as drivers are out sick across FCPS.

This week bus 4 and 6 have been picked up about 4:05 on one bus. The plan is for bus 4 students to be dropped off first and then bus 6 routes will follow. From what we understand, this will be the plan for the time being.  We are sorry for the delays that have been happening. 

Transportation this Afternoon - Snow Closure Updates

Brooksfield has announced they will be closed this afternoon.

Additionally, all afterschool activites at CES are cancelled - CHESS and ART classes will NOT meet.

Please update PUP if you have not, so your child's teacher will know how to send them home. Changes must be entered in PUP by 2:30 PM.

We hope everyone is up and running in our PUP system.  If you are not in PUP, please contact our office so we can assist you in getting this setup. It has been so helpful to support our students.