CES Snow Day Virtual Instructional Planning

Chesterbrook Families,

Happy Friday! As we prepare to observe the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday, January 17, we are also watching for the potential of winter weather early in the week. FCPS shared that our next snow day and those thereafter will be virtual days running on an approximate two-hour delay schedule. 


To support virtual learning, students should use their FCPS laptops. These devices have many of the programs and applications bookmarked and downloaded, so they should provide access.

K-2 Students

  • Will take home laptops & chargers in advance of inclement weather
  • Should return laptops & chargers upon their first day returning in person 
  • If devices are not functioning properly or damaged, they can be replaced as needed
  • If devices are lost, there is a fee associated with replacement for both the charger and laptop
  • Our goal is that by returning chargers for our younger students, when not needed at home, we will minimize loss

3-6 Students

  • Will take home laptops nightly to charge at home and bring back the next day
  • Chargers and cases were given to students at the beginning of the year to support this effort
  • Chargers can stay at home until the end of the year
  • If devices are not functioning properly or damaged, they can be replaced as needed
  • If devices are lost, there is a fee associated with replacement for both chargers and laptops

Virtual Snow Delay Schedule

All elementary schools will run from 10:30 – 3:15.

Please see Chesterbrook’s Virtual Snow Day Schedule below.

10:30- 10:45 

Morning Meeting

10:45 - 11:15

Language Arts Mini Lesson & Set up for independent work

11:15 - 11:45

Math Mini Lesson & Set up for independent work

11:45 - 12:00

Open Office Hours Math Asynchronous Work Time


Lunch & Recess


Open Office Hours Language Arts

Asynchronous Work Time

Students are encouraged to choose at least one specials activity below & work on independent assignments during the afternoon.


K-2 Optional Specials

3-6 Optional Specials





Library or Chinese

General Music

5th  & 6th Strings 

5th & 6th Band





General Music


4th Strings or


Virtual Instruction Expectations

  • Students should be logged  in by 10:30 AM to be ready for their Morning Meeting.
  • Attendance will be taken during Morning Meeting during snow days. If a student has to miss the day, there will be an opportunity for students to make up work.  
  • All families will have a midday break for lunch, physical activity, and a break from screen time from 12 PM - 1PM.
  • Students will access classroom instruction in their classroom Schoology/Zoom link
    • Academic blocks will begin with synchronous instruction, then teachers may assign students work either on or away from their computers that relate to the content.
    • Students with disabilities will receive support in their virtual classrooms and may meet with their case manager during Small Group time using their classroom teacher’s link.
  • Students will access at least one special in the afternoon in the All Students Schoology Course. 

Need Support? 

  • For questions about instruction, please feel free to contact your child’s teachers. 
  • For technical support, please reach out to our CES Tech Team

Meet our Tech Support Team


Megan Brown

School-Based Technology Specialist


SBTS Role: Supports the integration of technology within instruction


Jordan Craig-Kuhn

Technology Support Specialist


TSSPEC Role: Supports and manages hardware

Both are happy to help families with troubleshooting & device management!