Returning To South County HS in 2022

From The Principal

Happy New Year Family!

I hope this message finds each of you safe and well.  As we prepare for our return to school, I wanted to reach out to you to share a few words with you, as well as to ask for your help. 

I am aware that a number of students and Families have reached out to express their concerns around returning to school amid the recent rise in positive cases in Fairfax County.  I want you to know that those voices have been heard, and we will continue to do everything we can do to maintain a healthy environment for all students and staff at South County HS.  We have been fortunate that the vast majority of our students continue to be very vigilant about adhering to the mitigation strategies to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We must not only continue to have that compliance, but it also needs to grow to 100% at all times.

As we return, the teachers and staff will be hyper vigilant about students and adults following the mitigation protocols to include having conversations in classes about how serious these matters are so that we can have a safe and healthy school.  We will also be discussing how not being vigilant could impact our respective Families at home. I am asking that you all take a brief moment to remind your children about the importance of not just being mindful of their adherence to these protocols, but also how their positive actions can indirectly provide comfort to our extended Families as well.  A safe environment really leads to an environment where our teachers and students can be at their best and return to work each day knowing they are safe in our spaces with one another.

I thank you in advance for your time and willingness to assist me through having these conversations.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and welcome to 2022!  #OneStallion