Cooper News Dec. 8th

Word Master Achievement

The first round of the Vocabulary/Analogy WordMasters test results have been returned and we are so proud of all of you.

Cumulative Champions will be announced May 6, 2022

word masters

Kiss and Ride Reminder

In order to ensure the safe arrival to school for all students, we ask parents to follow our Kiss and Ride procedures.  Please do not drop students at the Masonic Temple, Balls Hill Road, or Dead Run.  We appreciate your support.  

Family Life Education (FLE) Instruction

Students will begin FLE instruction starting December 13th, with our Human Growth and Development unit. If you wish to opt your child out, forms must be turned in no later than Thursday December 9th

Students in grades 6-8 participate in Family Life Education (FLE) instruction through their health and physical education course.   Students receive instruction in a human growth and development unit and an emotional and social health unit.  For more information about the FCPS Family Life Education program, please see the detailed grade-level program descriptions for grades 7 and 8 at

 In addition, grade level-specific curriculum lessons are available for review in multiple locations:

  • Online in Schoology - includes lessons and media titles that FCPS has streaming rights for.  Any additional media or book titles that are not streamed are available at your student’s school library.
  • Parents/guardians login to Schoology using the same username and password as their Student Information System (SIS).
  • Your student’s school.  Please contact the school to schedule a time to review lessons and/or media.
  • City of Fairfax Regional Library – lessons only.  Media is not available.

For any questions regarding the upcoming FLE instruction, please contact Kristin Sandridge, Cooper’s  FLE Lead Teacher and Health and Department Chair at

Replacement chargers

If your student has lost their computer charger, a replacement can be purchased on Student computers should be fully charged each night so that everyone can participate in class.