A Message from Mrs. Riley

A Message from Mrs. Riley

Dear Stenwood Families,

As we enter the holiday season and look ahead to the start of 2022, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the work that our school community is involved in as part of the Marshall Pyramid within Fairfax County Public Schools.  I meet regularly with nine other principals in the Marshall Pyramid to support the ongoing work of strengthening our community and increasing student achievement.  Our pyramid is very proud to share our new logo, which will serve as a framework for creating cultures of belonging and educational excellence in each of our schools.  I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you and your children after the break!

Erica Riley, Principal  

Pyramid Picture

The Marshall Pyramid:  Educational Excellence, Culture of Belonging

The Marshall Pyramid principals are committed to cultivating a culture of belonging in which all students are valued and their strengths and interests are developed to achieve academic excellence. We model what we ask our staff and students to do with each other as principals.

  • We collaborate and problem solve.
  • We focus on creating trusting partnerships.
  • We make connections and build relationships.

Each school in the Marshall Pyramid is actively committed to building a pre-K through 12th grade framework for our students that embodies a culture of belonging and educational excellence.  We look forward to continuing to partner with our students, staff, families, and community in this endeavor and wish everyone a continued safe and happy school year.

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