Chesterbrook Weekly News 11.12.21

veterans day

Honoring our Vetrans

Thank you to our Veterans and those that currently serve in our armed forces. We appreciate the sacrifice you and your family make to serve our country.

Principal's Message

During the first quarter, teachers have taken a deep dive into understanding the needs of our students, assessing where they are performing and watching our student return this week and dive into workshops, learning, interventions and play has been wonderful. I hope each family has had the opportunity to connect with your child's teacher on their start to the school year.

So many kids have been sharing their excitement with me as they have received their first Covid vaccination. It is wonderful that even some of our littlest Chipmunks are reporting when they will be fully vaccinated. As always, our office staff will be happy to work with you to accommodate medical appointments during the school day as needed. 

During this month of Thanksgiving, I send a request to spread joy and thanks by having your child write a card to their teacher letting them know how they are making a difference and why they are thankful to be back in school this year. As we look over the past year and the obstacles we have had to endure as a community, it is surreal. Sharing our thanks and letting others know how they are making a difference and what we appreciate is a gift. Thank you for taking advantage of this chance to uplift our wonderful staff as we approach the holiday season.

We had a PTA meeting on Thursday where I was able to share a few updates:

Outdoor lunches:
We have continued outdoor lunches and as we go into winter, we will do so every day we possibly can. The PTA will look at getting some cushions for students to sit on so the benches will be a bit warmer. Please send kids with outdoor wear for recess and lunch.

Field Trips
We have had a few field trips take place, virtual and in person. First grade attended Hidden Oaks, 4th Grade visited Jamestown/Williamsburg and 6th grade took in a virtual Art Museum experience. We also have seen some annual traditions of grade levels return including the 5th grade "Dig" and 1st grades International Celebration. As the year progresses we look forward to bringing in opportunities for our students. Grade levels will not have the opportunity to plan missed field trips from the time during virtual instruction.

Other updates provided with expanded information below:
School Photos by Victor O'Neill Studios and Yearbook by Herff Jones
Covid Screening
Quarantine Updates as of 11/15

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stacy Kirkpatrick

Online Ordering for School Photos

This school year we partnered with a new studio for your child's photos.  Victor O'Neill Studios captured beautiful photos of our Chesterbrook Chipmunks. We are also happy to share that we will be working with Herff Jones to produce our yearbook.  More news on yearbook ordering will be coming as we set up Chesterbrook's online ordering page.

Your School Photos are Ready for Ordering! Please visit: and use your student ID when prompted for the online code. For questions regarding school pictures please email:

Elementary Progress Reports  

1st Quarter Report cards are available in Parent Vue. These should be access electronically during the school year and final report cards will be printed for parents at the end of the school year. If you have difficulty accessing your child's report card, please reach out to Mr. Troskey in our front office.

Your child’s Quarter 1 progress report demonstrates achievement, effort, and  citizenship skills after the first 9 weeks of a return to in-person learning. The purpose of any  system of reporting to families is to strengthen the home-school partnership and to inform  families about student progress. This 1st quarter was unique and presented new opportunities  for teachers to prioritize social-emotional health and wellness, as well as identify academic  needs through a variety of assessments. Getting to know each child is the best way to match  instructional programming to student needs. School staff continues to assess and monitor  students’ strengths and areas for growth using a variety of assessments. Your child will continue  to have opportunities to demonstrate mastery towards grade level standards throughout the  school year and your child’s teacher will continue to communicate your child’s progress.  

For more information about elementary grading and reporting, please visit the FCPS website  ( or refer to the  information included on the progress report envelope.

Covid Vaccinations

Pop-up Vaccine Clinics for Students Aged 5-11

This Tuesday, November 16, school-located pop up pediatric COVID-19 vaccine clinics will begin in our highest impacted communities. More information can be found on the Fairfax County Health Department website.

Once your child has received both doses of the vaccine, please send record of vaccination to Dave Troskey (  He will update the information in SIS and file it in the student's health file. 

NEW! Optional Weekly Covid Screening

Optional COVID-19 screening testing will begin the week of November 15 for students who are not fully vaccinated. FCPS is partnering with LongView International Technology Solutions, Inc. (LTS) to provide testing services for

Screening will be optional and parents must opt students into testing. Schools will test 10% of the total student population out of the students that are opted in for testing, therefore 57 students at Chesterbrook would be screened weekly based on our population. If less than 57 students are opted in, those students will be screened weekly.

Parents would be sent an email letting them know if their child is randomly selected for testing during that particular week. We will generate our screening list on Tuesday of each week. Chesterbrook students that are tested would be tested on Thursday afternoon from 1 - 3PM weekly. An outside company will be coming to Chesterbrook to test children with support of CES office staff getting them to and from the testing room.

One-time parent/legal guardian consent is required to begin COVID screening testing for a student to be tested at school. You may withdraw your consent for testing at any time. If you want your child to begin participating in COVID-19 screening testing, you must pre-register your child(ren) and provide consent using the LTS secure online portal. If you do not want your child to participate in COVID-19 screening testing, no action is required. You will have the option each week to update your child’s vaccination and consent for testing. 

Quarantine Period Reduced to 10 Days for School Exposures

The transmission rate in Fairfax County recently decreased from “substantial” to “moderate.” More than 71% of our community ages 12 and older have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Since schools opened in August, we have seen a very low rate of in-school transmission of COVID-19 at just 0.02% across FCPS.

Starting Monday, November 15, FCPS will reduce the duration of quarantine for students who are exposed to COVID-19 in a school setting. 

Parents/Guardians must keep their child at home until one of the following quarantine periods is met:

  • 10 days of quarantine, the child remains symptom free AND parents provide a copy of the FCPS pause letter indicating the return to school date; or
  • 14 days of quarantine and parents provide a copy of the clearance email from the health department. 


Chesterbrook Employee Recognition Awards

It is time to honor Chesterbrook employees that are making a difference!

Nominations are now open for the Outstanding Employee Awards! Would you like to celebrate the work of a staff member who has gone above and beyond welcoming students back to school this year? To submit a nomination for a Chesterbrook Elementary School Outstanding Employee in one of the categories below, please complete the nomination through this google link for Chesterbrook. You may nominate one employee at our school or multiple employees (one individual may only nominate one employee per category.)

All that is required for a preliminary nomination is a paragraph or two about how this employee demonstrates exceptional work in the criteria for that category. If you are unsure of which category to use for an employee, please read the criteria in the Google Form or email Holley Remer! 

Outstanding Teacher  

Eligibility: Has at least three years of experience as a teacher (in any school/school district)

Outstanding New Teacher 

Eligibility: Has up to three years of experience as a teacher (in any school/school district)

Outstanding Principal

Eligibility: Has at least three years of experience as a building principal 

Outstanding Leader  

Eligibility: At least one year of experience in their current position as an Assistant Principal

Outstanding Professional Employee  

Eligibility: At least one year experience in current position as a Schedule-B employee or other non-instructional employee in a school that supports school leadership such as School-Based Technology Specialist, Technology Support Specialist, Psychologist, Social Worker, School Counselor

Outstanding Operational Employee 

Eligibility: At least one year of experience in current position as Schedule-A or Classroom Instructional Support Scale employee such as Administrative and Office Staff, Custodial Staff, Food Service Staff, IA, PHA, PHTA.

The deadline to submit a nomination is Wednesday, November 19, 2021.

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