Harvest Parade Change

With the rain today causing muddy and slippery fields and the projected temperatures in the 30's tomorrow, we are moving the Harvest Parade inside. While this allows our students to participate in this annual Floris tradition, due to the needed social distancing, this change means we are unable to have parents/visitors at the parade. 

So how can parents see the parade? 

Thanks to technology, parents will still be able to see the parade. Ms. McGrath will be recording the parade and will send the link to the recording to families later on Wednesday. 

Important Details: 

  • Staff and students will be socially distanced across the school throughout the parade. 
  • If students are planning to dress up, they should wear their costume to school. 
  • Please make sure there are no weapons (even toy items) or hand held accessories with the costume. 
  • All students are required to have on their face covering in school.
  • The rule regarding no full face costume masks for safety and visibility remains the same as previous years. 
  • Please also avoid any costume that might scare our younger students.