Digital Citizenship Week

FCPS is celebrating Digital Citizenship Week from October 18-22, 2021. This year’s theme is Social Emotional Learning in our Digital Lives!  Students will receive Digital Citizenship lessons through their Block 4 class on Monday and Wednesday and optional daily activities will be posted in the Cooper Corner course. 

Each days’ lesson or activities support a daily question about being a digital citizen.


Student Daily Focus Question

Parent Resource



How can I navigate the pressures of social media?

Help Kids Post, Comment, and Upload Responsibly 



How can I practice healthy media habits?

Help Kids Balance Their Media Lives 


Responsible Decision-Making

How can I make responsible choices when communicating online?

Help Boost Kids' Safety, Privacy, and Security 


Relationship Skills

How does technology affect my friendships?

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online


Social Awareness

How can I respond to digital drama when I see it happen?

Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior  

On the evening of Friday, October 22 students and families are encouraged to practice media balance by taking a break from screens to engage in real-world experiences and quality time with their family. 

Try some of these ideas:

  • Have a device-free dinner and focus on connecting as a family. The #DeviceFreeDinner campaign by Common Sense Media comes with a wonderful 3-page Family Starter Kit that includes tips for getting started, a printable Family Commitment Pledge, and even a printable sign for designating the place (e.g., basket, box) families will place their devices during dinner. The Family Dinner Project also has a wealth of great conversation starters geared towards children of different ages.
  • Have a family board game night instead of playing video games or watching TV.
  • Make a phone call or write a letter to a family member or friend instead of sending a text or email.
  • Spend time outside as a family and leave the phone behind.

FCPS has also developed a Digital Citizenship Online Course for Families with Teens. This four-module online course has been developed for parents/guardians and their teen(s) in grades 7 and up. After viewing the Introduction, parents should start with Module 1: Parents Only and then use Modules 2 - 4 with their teen(s). Modules 2 - 4 are designed to support family conversations about the topics related to digital citizenship. Families are encouraged to work through the course at their own pace and complete any module or activity of interest. While these modules won’t teach you everything you need to know, they provide a solid foundation upon which your family can build.

For more resources on digital citizenship click on the link below.

FCPS Digital Citizenship: Families