❗Follow Up - Arrival and Dismissal Safety Reminders❗


Important Safety Reminders for Arrival and Dismissal

We need your help in keeping our students safe!

All Drivers must follow traffic rules.

Please review the information below.   

Aerial Map

 Please see the aerial map above indicating the designated Kiss and Ride location, buses only entrance, and crosswalk location. 

The following are some traffic rule reminders:

  • The entrance in front of the school is restricted to bus traffic only during arrival and dismissal.
  • No Taking In or Discharging of Passengers on a Highway: -This violation occurs when parents drop off/pick-up their students by pulling to the curb/shoulder of a travel lane to drop off/pick up their student. Vehicles can only take in or discharge passengers when vehicles are pulled to the curb/shoulder in a legal parking lane.
  • No Parking within 10’ of a Driveway: 82-5-1(a)(2)
  • No Parking within 30’ of a Stop Sign: 82-5-1(a)(7)
  • No Parking in or within 20’ of a Crosswalk: 82-5-1(a)(5)
  • No Parking within 30’ of a Bus Stop: 82-5-40
  • No Parking within 15’ of a Fire Hydrant: 82-5-1(a)(4)
  • No Parking within 20’ of an Intersection: 82-5-1(a)(3)
  • Have a question about a violation contact OSS/Traffic Safety- jjbanachoski@fcps.edu