❗Arrival and Dismissal Safety Reminders❗


Important Safety Reminders for Arrival and Dismissal

We need your help in keeping our students safe!

All Drivers must follow traffic rules.

Please review the information below.   

Aerial Map

 Please see the aerial map above indicating the designated Kiss and Ride location, buses only entrance, and crosswalk location. 

  • The designated Kiss & Ride area is located in the parking lot. ❗It is unsafe for the students to be dropped on Melville Lane.
  • Load and unload in the Kiss & Ride area only. 
  • AM drop-off is 8:25 - 8:40.
  • PM pick-up begins at 3:25.
  • Pull forward as far as possible into the designated Kiss & Ride lane before loading or unloading.
  • In the Kiss & Ride line, stay in a single line.  IT IS UNSAFE TO PASS OTHER CARS!!
  • Children should enter and exit cars from the passenger side ONLY.
  • Parents please stay in your car.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones in Kiss & Ride.
  • When pulling into and out of Kiss and Ride, ❗please be mindful of the speed in which you drive your car.
  • For students walk to and from school and need to cross Melville Road, please cross at the crosswalk.❗
  • If you need to park on Melville lane, please DO NOT block driveways❗

Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe!