Fairhill PTA News: Fitness Week and Fun Run - Coming Soon!

Fun Run

Dear Fairhill Families,

We are excited to announce that we are preparing to launch the Fairhill Fitness Week and Fun Run!  For those of you who were around in 2018, you may remember that the fun run was a very fun and successful event.  We plan to follow the same format again this year.  Details below.

When will this occur?

Fairhill Fitness Week: Monday September 27 – October 1

The Fairhill Fun Run will be held during specials on Friday, October 1 outside on the field.


Why are we holding the fitness week and fun run? 

The goal of this week is to make it a fun week for our children that is focused on fitness and to be our largest fundraiser of the year.  To do this, we brought the fun run in-house, meaning no outside vendor in the school during the week disrupting classroom time. In turn, the PTA keeps approximately 90% of the profit versus 50% using an outside vendor, putting more funds directly back into our school to benefit our children!   


How will the funds be used?

Funds raised during the fun run will be used to purchase toys for recess on the blacktop and field, enhancements to our outdoor rain garden/classroom, increase book diversity and support field trips.


What does this mean to my childs’ schedule at school for the week? 

The only day during the week that will be different, from a schedule perspective, is Friday 10/1 when students will run during the time in the day when they would normally go to specials.  The rest of the week they will be doing some modified activities during PE that will prepare them for the run but it should not disrupt their classroom instruction.


What can I do to help make this successful? 

  1. Support this fundraiser by sharing your child’s donation page link with family and friends. Shortly, you will receive an email from 99pledges with the link to set up your child’s donation website page.  Each student will have their own link and page on the website.  A paper pledge form will also be available if you would rather donate with cash or checks.  Fairhill Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible.
  2. Come to cheer on your child during their run on Friday, October 1.  Exact run times by grade to be announced.


Are incentives being used to encourage and engage the children in raising pledges?

Yes, we are making this about having fun and adding in some friendly competition between classes, grade levels and school wide to reward the kids with fun activities.

  1. There will be fun school wide incentives that will be tied to overall revenue numbers at intervals throughout the week. We want this to be a team effort - students working together to raise money to help our school.
  2. Classroom incentives will be left up to your child’s teachers based on what motivates their students since they know the students best. These incentives will be things like classroom parties, special themed days in the class, etc. that all students in the class can enjoy once a goal is reached.
  3. Every student will receive a free t-shirt to wear the day of the run and take home.  Free spirit wear for everyone to enjoy!
  4. There will be a small individual prize for every student to be handed out on Friday as the fitness week comes to an end. 



Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please direct all questions to president@fairhillpta.org



Stay healthy and safe!

Your Fairhill PTA

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Sept 27 - Oct 1: Fitness Week and Fun Run