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Labor Day

School is closed in observance of Labor Day on Friday, September 3 and Monday, September 6. Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 7 (Even Day – Periods 2, 4, 6 and 8).

Early Checkout Procedures

If your student needs to check out early (due to doctor’s appointments, etc.) parents/guardians should send a note with their student. The student will give the note to the main office when they arrive at school. A pass will be issued by the attendance assistant.

The note should state the student’s full name, reason for dismissal, time of dismissal, and a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached during the day.

The pass allows the student to go to the main office at the appointed time. Your student will then be permitted to wait for you in the lobby with their belongings, thus avoiding delays to locate the student.

Any student leaving early must be signed out in the early dismissal log in the main office. Please be prepared to show photo identification (every time) to the main office staff. No student is allowed to leave school grounds without properly checking out. This includes during lunch periods and breaks. Students may only leave with those persons designated by the registering parent signature on the emergency care card.  No one under the age of 18 may transport a child from the school.

Students Rights & Responsibilities Review

This week in Learning Seminar (4th period) students learned about Students Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R). Instruction will continue on this next week. Parents/Guardians please review the linked guide with your students.

If you have not done so already, please complete Page 3 and return that page to Twain with your student.

Students Rights & Responsibilities Guide

Student Laptops

All students have been provided a laptop to complete instructional activities in the class and at home. Students are responsible for reporting issues with the laptop and will be responsible to pay for a lost laptop or charger.

Student Procedures with Laptops

Students are expected to do the following with their FCPS provided laptop:

  • Take it home and bring it back to school daily.
  • The laptop should be charged at home. Students should bring a fully charged laptop when they arrive at school. 
  • Loaners are not provided when a student forgets their laptop. 
  • Students should talk to a teacher when they are having issues with their laptop. 

Technology Support for Students and Parents

Parents and Students can visit this site for support at home. This link also provides directions for submitting a Parent or Student Support ticket.

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