CES 9.1.2021 Weather Update

Afternoon Approaching Weather

We are expecting heavy rains and increased winds this afternoon. As a precaution, we have moved afternoon music classes and teachers (general music, strings and band) to indoor classrooms for our 4th - 6th grades.

Afternoon dismissal changes are now monitored through the Pick Up Patrol (PUP) system that began this week. This system has already supported our teachers and students and we are thankful to have it in place. You have time this afternoon to set up your account and get any changes in (please see directions below). You have until 2:30 PM to enter any changes for today's dismissal!

If you need to change plans, please enter the change in the PUP system, which will notify teachers, administrators and our office team. 

Safety is Priority

  • Students should not be walking alone or riding bikes in heavy storms. Please pick them up or have them ride the bus home.
  • Buses will be lined up at Exit 2 or Exit 1 and load directly from the closest door. We are announcing bus exits and staff will be directing students and supporting them.  We don't want them scared or worried.
  • Kiss N Ride and Walkers will go to the gym to be announced when their parent arrives.
  • If you normally meet your child at the flag pole and are still walking, during heavy rains please come under the awning and we will ensure your child connects with you. If it is pouring, we do not want to send student out without supervision. Please do make room for our bus riders to safely exit. If it is not raining, please remain at the flag pole.
  • Most Importantly!  We will have our office staffed until we know our students are home safe. Please call if you need us, we are here to support your children.

Bus Loop

Please keep the bus loop entrance clear and do not pull in this area during arrival or dismissal. We normally have a staff member that monitors this area. During a heavy storm, we need to keep our staff safe and will not staff this position.

Visibility may be low and staff, students and parents may be walking assisting children, so please drive slowly, do not pull around other cars and use caution.

Reminder of Pick Up Patrol System

Starting 8/30/21, we will be using a system called PickUp Patrol  to help us track dismissals changes. PickUp Patrol (PUP) will save us a great deal of time  in the office and will reduce interruptions in our classrooms—while also providing you with a convenient way to make changes to your children’s dismissal plans. 

Most importantly, it will help us ensure that our students are safely dismissed to their correct after-school destinations.

Use the PUP web app for:

ATTENDANCE: When your child will be arriving late or leaving early.

DISMISSAL CHANGES: Submit changes to your child’s regular dismissal plans. For example: 

  • A student normally rides the bus, but is getting picked up today.
  • A student usually goes to aftercare, but is leaving early for an appointment.

How it works:

Initially, you will register for an account. At this point set your "Default Plan" to be the permanent mode of transportation. Whenever you have a change to the Default Plan, you’ll submit a change through the PUP app. When the plan is submitted, the school will be notified and your child’s teacher will relay the change to them.

After this Friday, 9/3, we will no longer accept phone calls or emails for changes (except emergencies). Changes will be documented and shared through the PUP app.

Getting started with PUP- 
Registration Emails were sent to parents on 8/29/21

  1. REGISTER: Chesterbrook will initiate a PUP registration email to all families following your receipt of this News You Choose message.  You will receive this registration email within a day from PickUp Patrol with a link to set up your account. The PUP web app is free to parents and you can use it from your smartphone or computer. PUP is not accessed through the app stores. Instead, for easy access, follow the instructions in your registration email for how to add it to your phone’s home screen.
  2. ENTER DEFAULT PLANS: Once you register, log into your PickUp Patrol account right away to confirm your child’s default dismissal plan. It’s important that you complete this step so that we can accurately dismiss your children. 

Thank you for using PUP to make safety a priority and to ensure our dismissal process is efficient for all our students. 

If you have any questions, please first check the PUP FAQ page. If you still need help, contact us here in the office at datroskey@fcps.edu or PickUp Patrol at support@pickuppatrol.net