Cooper weekly news Aug. 31

Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 3rd- Monday September 6th: Holiday- Labor Day Break

Thursday, September 9th- Back to School Night (Virtual)

Weather Reminder

With remnants of storm “Ida” approaching our area and heavy tropical rains throughout tomorrow, we want to remind students to bring an umbrella or have a hooded top when traveling to/from South Manor.  Additionally, students will eat in the cafeteria, library and surrounding halls during lunch to accommodate additional space for eating without masks.

Back to school night 

September 9th 6-8pm

This year Cooper will be hosting a virtual Back to School Night on Thursday, September 9 from  6 to 8pm using Schoology and Zoom.  To prepare for our virtual Back to School Night you will need to:

  1. Confirm that you have a SIS ParentVue account and make sure you can log into SIS ParetVue successfully.  If you need a SIS ParentVue account please fill out the Parent Support Request
  2. Using your SIS ParentVue credentials make sure that you can log into Schoology at and that you can see your child’s courses.( It takes an overnight process once you create your SIS ParentVue account before you can access Schoology)
  3. Download and install Zoom on your laptop or computer.

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with how you will access your child’s classes in Schoology and locate the Zoom links on September 9th.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students will be engaging in lessons and reviewing the Student Rights and Responsibilities in the coming weeks.  Parents/Guardians are requested to acknowledge receipt of the SR&R in ParentVue in your child’s SIS account.  If preferred, parents/guardians can download the signature sheet (pg. 3) and return it to the school.  This is required annually for all students.

More information on Students Rights and Responsibilities can be found here.

Student Dress Code Reminders

FCPS and Cooper Middle School respects students’ right to express themselves in the way they dress. It is important, however, that their appearance is appropriate for a K-12 school setting. We request that students adhere to the FCPS dress code and appreciate you reinforcing this with your child.  Please also remind your students to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for days that they have PE class, including a second mask should they need one.

Early Check-Out Procedure

If your student will be leaving school early for an appointment, please follow this procedure:

  • Your student should go to the office when they arrive at school with a note from the parent with dismissal time and reason for early check out.
  • Your student will be given a pink pass that they can show to the teacher to be dismissed from class at the appropriate time.
  • Parents should come to the front office at the designated time with a picture ID to check out the student.
  • If the student returns to school, they should come to the front office (parent does not need to accompany them) and check in, then they will proceed to class.
Absences add up