Cooper News Special Edition 8/27

We had a great week at Cooper and hope that your child has come home excited about being back at school!

As we continue to prioritize student health and safety, our administrators boarded each school bus today to remind students of the importance of mask wearing from the time they board the school bus until the time they return home to their front door (with the exception of eating/drinking at lunch and when outdoors).  Teachers in block 7 also reviewed our layered prevention strategies including use of halls designated as one-way.  Please remind your child of the importance of wearing a mask and keeping to our one-way halls wherever possible.

Additionally, we are excited to reconnect and build relationships with all of our students.  Please be reminded that cells phones (and ear buds) are off and away for the day at Cooper.  We know that our students’ engagement increases when they are free from distractions.  Thank you for reinforcing this with your child.

Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Lisa Barrow

Principal, Cooper Middle School

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Thank you for following staff direction at Kiss and Ride.  Each day our process has improved and is beginning to run smoothly.  Due to the volume of car traffic this year, we now plan to open the Kiss and Ride for student drop off at 7:00AM so that all students can be on time to first block classes.  Students who arrive early will wait in the cafeteria until 7:10AM when they can go to their first block of the day.  Please note that all staff outside are teachers and administrators whose goal is to ensure student safety by following the expectations set forth by FCPS Safety and Security.  We appreciate your cooperation and courtesy to ensure a safe arrival and dismissal.