CES Weekly Update 8.25.21

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Parent Handbook

Please check out the CES Parent Handbook to general questions you may have.



In our first days we encountered some transportation issues as buses arrived late in the morning and many departed school very late in the afternoon. There is currently a driver shortage and Chesterbrook has a few buses that will run on a double back run. With that information, our buses should be arriving and departing in a much shorter window that will allow for children to access their entire school day and still get him in a timely manner.

Within the next two weeks, we expect that things will better fall into place with timing that will meet the needs of our community. In the meantime, if you would like to access kiss n ride or walk with your child, you may do so. Mrs. Kirkpatrick is quickly reviewing any request for our older students to walk or ride their bike independently. Parents may put in this request using the attached form.


Car Hang Tags for Kiss N Ride

Hang Tags for K&R families will be sent home in Thursday folders this week.  If you do not get a hang tag and need one, please contact Mr. Troskey at DATrokey@fcps.edu.

Parent Permission Needed for Digital Applications

We currently have 48% of students able to use digital applications on the computer. We need for parents to approve ASAP, so these will remain available to your children. Visit this page to read about approved programs we may use this year.

This is a direct link to the consent form.

*Photo from 1st grade CES student project, winner of 2020 VA Coding Competition using SCRATCH.

computer programming

Afternoon Playdates and Changes in Pickup

During the first two weeks of school, we request that changes to home transportation and playdates not occur afterschool. We are getting a new system in place to organize and help staff and parents manage changes to transportation needs afterschool. Once set up, we will send information on the new system. If you have an urgent matter or emergency, please call or email the office and your child's teachers so we can help your child get home the appropriate way.

Mask Reminders and Updates

In order to mitigate the spread of any possible cases of Covid that may enter our building, universal mask compliance is used in the school building. Additionally, it is recommended students wear masks while playing closely outdoors.

Approved types of masks include:  Disposable masks, cloth mask coverings, double layer gaiters(new update), clear masks, cloth masks with clear plastic panel All face coverings/masks must meet the following requirements:  Face coverings/masks that fit properly (snugly around the nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face) and face covering/mask with two (2) or more layers of non-woven material

Lunch Setting

We understand the concerns around eating while unmasked and wanted to share our school protocols:

  • students sit with their class and also within their grade level. 
  • students all sit facing forward in one direction
  • students are only unmasked while eating and put it back on to talk after eating.
  • adults collect trash and provide assistance to students during lunch so movement around the cafeteria is very limited.

We are working to do our best to accommodate all students during lunches and keep them as safe as possible. There are a number of hurdles to sending students outdoors to eat including developing lunch safety expectations, staffing coverage, carrying hot lunches outdoors, cleanup and turnover of students in a timely manner.

Volunteer Lunch Hosts

If you are available to work within the school as a dining host on a regular basis for a solid amount of time, please contact Mrs. Kirkpatrick. If any volunteers are used, we can only work with people that can make strong commitments to becoming fingerprinted staff volunteers and can regularly be here to set expectations and develop routine.

Please know we are continuing to work to see what we can do with spacing and mitigation.

Arrival Drop Off Time Reminder

Please do not drop off your child at kiss n ride or the front door early. Students may be dropped off at 8:30, when staff will greet them. Supervision is not available for students prior as our staff are busy preparing for our school day.

Kiss and ride students and walkers from the gym side, should enter door #2. Walkers by the flag pole should enter door #1.


Patrol Application

5th and 6th grade students interested in serving as patrols are asked to complete this application. This form should be completed by our students with their parent's permission. Thank you!

Beginning of the Year Forms Reminder

Opt Out Forms - You may drop them off at the school or send via email to Dave Troskey at datroskey@fcps.edu.

FLE Opt Out Forms - Link to all grade levels

Annual Notice of Survey, Records, Curriculum, Privacy and Related Rights and Opt Out Forms

Objection to Release Directory Information to Public, School Counseling Opt out, Object to Release Information for Commercial Purposes 

For Notification Only

Homeless Student Referral

Military Connected Students

Scoliosis Fact Sheet

Student Insurance

2021 FCPS Student Calendar Quick Glance