CES Weekly Update 4.5.2021

FLE Parent Preview Night 4/6

4:30PM - 4th, 5th & 6th Grades 
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Right only

Kiss N Ride Update

We have been working with safety and security to provide the safest methods of getting cars in quickly.  

Only RIGHT turns into the Chesterbrook parking lot will be permitted. Please do not hold up traffic on Kirby trying to turn left.  When exiting the lot please continue to ONLY turn RIGHT.

We have been able to get cars in and out in a timely manner and appreciate your patience during peak drop off and pickup times.

In order to expedite pickup, we have found the housing students in the gym is the most efficient in calling for your children. Thank you for using your car hang tag so we can call children quickly.

Dear Families,

Earlier today, Dr. Braband shared more information regarding In-Person learning, including the updated CDC guidance which will allow schools the opportunity to transition from 6 feet to 3 feet social distancing at some times, thereby possibly providing more days of In-Person instruction. Please understand that we are no longer accepting changes to in-person attendance as we focus on our next phase.

You can read Dr. Braband’s full message by clicking on this link.

We are committed to bringing back as many of our In-Person students to four days of instruction as our capacity restraints allow, beginning with students identified by our school staff through the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process. FCPS has trained our FCPS teachers and leaders in a process to be able to identify and provide students additional supports through the MTSS process. We have used this process to support students for many years to provide interventions and extensions for students.

You are welcome to view more information on the MTSS process in FCPS here.  

Please be aware that a variety of factors prevent us from expanding 4 day return as far as we would like to do immediately, and our current classroom capacities may prevent us from expanding the option to all students who would like to return. We need time to work out the details regarding space and staffing, such as the continued requirement for students to eat meals (breakfast, snack and lunch) at 6 feet apart. We must continue to adhere to all of the CDC regulations and FCPS guidelines for furniture, transportation changes, classroom setup and scheduling changes.

Please be patient as we work through the updated guidance to see if we are able to shift additional In-Person students to four day instruction in the near future, recognizing that we may not be able to honor four-days for all grade levels or in every classroom within a grade level due to the factors shared above.

Should our capacity guidance allow your child to return to school for four days each week, our school staff will reach out to you. Please know that we are proactively working to accommodate as many students as possible and there are no actions you need to take at this time in order for your child to be considered for four days of in-person instruction. I will be honest that my email was overrun today with requests to return. I realize how important this is to so many of our families. If you would like to submit information or ask questions, please enter information here. It will better allow me to track and respond to student needs and questions.


Stacy Kirkpatrick, Principal