Message from the Principal

Langley HS

Greetings Saxons,

We are quickly adjusting to the routine of concurrent learning. The rhythm of the school day has returned to the building. It is so good to hear students’ laughter and to see their faces during the school day. We have much for which to be joyful. Let’s celebrate.

Congratulations to the seniors on the dance team!

We celebrate out senior volleyball players!

We salute two Saxons for their wins during the Virginia Future Health Professionals (HOSA) State Leadership Conference. Daniela Arboleda  earned 1st place in Medical Assisting. William Orr earned 2nd place Extemporaneous Writing.

Congratulations to Shreya Papneja who has been named a recipient of the Fairfax County 2021 Student Peace Award. Shreya established the nonprofit CHAPS - Children’s Health Awareness Program in Schools. The mission of CHAPS is to enable school children to make health-conscious decisions.

CHAPS has conducted multiple events in which speakers talked to school-age children and their parents about health and nutrition and provided them with information on local resources. Other CHAPS conferences partnered with the Fairfax charities, Cornerstones and Food for Others, to conduct food drives. During the COVID pandemic, the program raised over $5,000 for the charity Real Food for Kids through outreach and a GoFundMe account. The donation was used to provide nutritious food to students and their families who lost access to school meals due to school closures. Shreya, thank you for caring for others during these challenging times.

Student Spotlight

Saxon Senior Lucy Chen is the co-founder and executive director of Codefy, a fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to provide computer science education to everyone. The organization runs many free programs, including a hackathon, research program, and bi-weekly workshops. Students and volunteers are from all over the U.S. and the world to include: California, Texas, Colombia, India, China, Canada, Ecuador. The largest program is the coding classes, which all feature a lesson followed by hands-on projects in breakout rooms, so students can learn coding under the guidance of trained mentors. To date, 5 sessions of 10+ coding classes, have been taught; 200+ volunteers have taught 2000+ students. Thanks to Langley student volunteers for their partnership in the program. We salute: Alisha Qian, Alison Buckler, Annie Zhang, Arna Bhardwaj, Audrey McKight, Brayden Huang, Bright Liu, Eshna Parth, Hana Abouelenein, Ishan Dogra, Jack Ellinger, Justin Bahr, Kaavya Radhakrishnan, Leena Bacha, Miles Yang, Pranav Gupta, Riker Wilson, Sammie Kenney, Shaan Sabharwal, Spencer Nash, Zach Tam.

As the calendar turns to spring, it is my hope that the new season will bring a sense of hope and joy to all. We have much to anticipate and celebrate in the final months of this school year. Saxon country remains committed to meeting the academic and emotional needs of each of our students.

Hail Saxons,