Important Level IV Advanced Academics Screening Updates

Important Level IV Advanced Academics Screening Updates

Thank you to those of you attended Mrs. Lahr’s AAP Screening presentation. If you missed the session, you can view the recording here.

**NEW*** While pool notifications hopefully will be sent out soon to second grade parents, it is highly advised, that ALL parents who want their children screened for  Level IV AAP services for next school year to complete a referral regardless of their child’s NNAT score. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the referral form is the only assured way your child will be considered for Level IV AAP services due to Covid disruptions.  Please do not wait for a pool notification. The referral form can be found on the AAP website here and is open for students in grades 2-7. Referral forms are due no later than December 1st to

Optional Documents

Parents can also submit the following optional documents electronically.

1. Parent Questionnaire which can be found here.

 *Questionnaires without examples and parent signatures will not be accepted

 2. 4 pages single-sided of work samples, 8 ½ x 1

    *No 3-D or electronic media/music samples (music videos, audio files, etc)

  •  Multiple pages may be copied to one page
  • Copies or originals are accepted 

   (Samples will not be returned)

Please submit all referrals and optional paperwork together electronically to Mrs. Lahr, no later than December 1st. Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Lahr with any questions.