Message from Clermont's Principal

Dear Clermont Families,

This past July 15 marked my one-year anniversary at Clermont ES. When I walked through the front doors of Clermont last July, I would never have imagined what we would experience as a school community. We know the next six months may be just as unpredictable. As uncertain as this time has been, I am grateful to be on this journey with you and our Clermont Staff. As announced last week, all students will begin the school year, 100% virtually, on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. A firm plan is still in the process of being developed, which will include a Virtual Orientation for parents and students prior to September 8. Many of our staff members are already busy creating schedules and working on professional development opportunities for each other. I am confident that together we are all going to be VIRTUALLY UNSTOPPABLE at delivering the best online learning we can for our Eagles!

A few notes to share with you are below. Please contact me if you have any questions at

Take care of yourself and each other,

Ms. Salata

Monday, 8/3 - Clermont Closed

Clermont will be closed on Monday, August 3 for maintenance of our front office. We will open again on Tuesday, August 4. 

Laptops for All Students


FCPS has invested in laptops for the upcoming school year which is enabling Clermont ES to issue an FCPS laptop to every student in our school, grades K - 6. We are currently working out a distribution plan and will communicate that to you ASAP. Laptops will be distributed after August 17.

Even if your child has a laptop at home already, I encourage you to still sign out the FCPS laptop. The school's computer will already have shortcuts on the desktop to the frequently used programs, and it will be easier for our IT Fast Team and Tech Team to troubleshoot any issues. FCPS personnel are not permitted to help fix personal computers. If you do not want your child to sign out an FCPS laptop, you will be provided with an Opt Out form. 

Distance Learning 2020 - 2021

If your child is registered at Clermont ES, your child's attendance will be mandatory, just as it is during a typical school year

  • Online school will consist of:
    • Mondays AM for small group instruction, intervention
    • Mondays PM asynchronous learning
    • Tuesdays -  Fridays 3.0 to 3.5 hours of Core instruction (math, science, language arts, social studies) + 30 minutes specials each day
    • We will build lunch and recess/screen breaks into the schedule at designated, consistent times throughout the day in addition to specials and Core curriculum

Thanks, PTA!



BIG thanks to our PTA for four new tables adjacent to our playground! This will be a great outdoor learning space when we return to the building. We are so appreciative of the PTA's support...Thank you!

"Home Schooling" Your Child

With these being uncertain times, and COVID-19 insisting on sticking around, many parents have asked about Home Schooling their child. "Home Schooling", or Home Instruction, is different from the virtual, distance learning your child will be doing this fall at home. If you choose Home Learning for your child, you will need to withdraw your child from Clermont ES, and will no longer have access to the online learning provided by Clermont's teachers. You will also need to register your child with FCPS so there is a record for the state that your child is attending school via the Home Learning model. Here is the website link to help you learn about what you will have to do to enroll your child in a Home Learning program.

School Supplies on Temp Hold

We are currently working with PTA to establish our protocol for the pre-paid school supplies. During a typical school year, Campus Survival does a great job with packaging and delivering our pre-paid school supplies in advance of school starting. We are currently in communications with Campus Survival and our teachers to create new lists that will be better suited for this school year. More on this to come, soon!

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