Annandale Community Insider - July 26


Annandale Community:

This past week, Dr. Brabrand proposed and the Fairfax County School Board approved a full virtual start to the beginning of the upcoming school year. In the communication Dr. Brabrand sent out to the community he shared the following:

The online instruction model will be the same one offered to families in our recent survey. For distance learning, our first priority is to provide access and equity in the learning experience for each of our students. We understand that there are significant academic and social/emotional challenges to our students learning remotely. We have strengthened our digital learning model so that we can provide an even more rigorous and engaging virtual learning program with greater connections for all students at all grade levels.   

  • Online learning provides four days (Tuesday through Friday) of live, face-to-face instruction with teachers. 
  • Middle and high school students will follow an A/B block schedule. 
  • Student work will be graded and attendance is required.
  • Mondays will remain a teacher planning day with intervention supports for selected students that we hope can be provided in-person.

At Annandale, we are committed to supporting the entire community in starting the school year virtually. We are working on developing tools for students and families that will focus on the transition back to school. In addition, many of our staff are engaging in professional learning throughout the summer focused on digital teaching. Finally, as we prepare for a virtual start, we are keeping in mind the need to be able to pivot to in-person learning when FCPS determines we can safely bring students back to the building. 

I know this is a very challenging time and there are many emotions around the start of the school year. We are committed to spending the weeks before September 8 preparing resources and supports for parents and students. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Shawn DeRose, Principal


Contact Information:
Twitter: @ShawnDeRose


Awesome Atoms

School Facility Update: We continue to work on readying the building for when students and staff eventually return. John Ellenberger, Director of Student Services, and his team have removed over 60 old televisions and brackets from classrooms that dated back over 15 years ago. The removeal has freed-up valuable classroom space. They have been working room by room to patch holes in the walls, paint, replace ceiling tiles, and clean classrooms. Our building engineer, Latif Khanjari, has been working hard to upgrade the motors for the air conditioning units and our custodial staff has been cleaning and waxing the floors. We will continue to include photos in future editions of the Insider. 


Summer Learning Opportunities

From now until Friday, July 31, Annandale students will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Continuity of Learning program which is a free summer program that offers students an opportunity to review concepts and skills using recommended self-directed digital materials. Materials will not be collected or graded.

The digital materials can be found on the Mathematics and English sites. Annandale teachers will be available each week through office hours to assist students with the digital materials or other learning goals that they may be working on throughout the summer. To take advantage of office hours, please register using the links below. There is no deadline for registration.

To register your student for office hours and receive a secure link, please click on the link for Continuity of Learning Support:

Once registered, your child will receive log-in information through his or her FCPS Google email address prior to the first session. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Roberson at


Rising 9th Graders from Holmes MS: Holmes Middle School is collecting laptops on July 27 and 28 from 8:30am-12:00pm. Click here for more information.

Rising 9th grade students must turn in their middle school laptop in order to receive your laptop from Annandale High School. 


News from the PTSA

Join the Annandale PTSA! - Please consider joining as it is a great way to become actively involved in your student's education and the AHS community. Moreover, the PTSA works very hard to stay on top of critical activity and decisions being made by the school board, school system and local government. Click here to join today!