Clermont Updates

Dear Clermont Families,

Thank you for participating in the student selection survey, and for the great questions you asked leading up to making your decision. Your questions are essential in helping the staff and me build our plans going forward. As our survey window closed, here is some information specific to Clermont ES that may be of interest to you. 330 families selected the face-to-face, in person option. 239 families selected the all-virtual option. As I write to you today, we have 10 new students yet to register since the survey closed so please know those numbers will be evolving and growing as we register more children over the summer.

Our bell schedule has also been announced. Clermont ES hours will be 10:05 am – 4:50 pm. We do realize that this is a very late dismissal time. As we have just learned this is our bell schedule and are still in the beginning stages of mapping out the face-to-face and all-virtual schedules, I have not yet had time to work out any specifics related to that late dismissal time. As we get further along in the planning process more specifics will be provided.

In addition, we will be providing a Virtual Orientation for all families prior to the start of school. This is still in the early planning stages as well, however I wanted you to know that we are certainly planning something for you to be informed prior to school starting on September 8.

Thank you for your partnership during this new and interesting time! Take care of yourself and of each other.

Ms. Salata, Principal

Clermont ES Hours for SY20-21:

10:05 am – 4:50 pm