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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please know the deadline to submit your intention of in-person or virtual classes for next school year is today (July 15, 2020).  This information is critical for Langley administrators to appropriately plan staffing for both virtual and in-person classes. FCPS has indicated that if no response is received the default answer is that the student will attend in-person.  Enrollment Options and additional information regarding the options can be found here. To select the option that works best for your child or children, please follow the steps below:

    • STEP 1: Access the online form 
    • STEP 2: Log in with your child’s Student ID and either the enrolling parent’s email address or phone number on file in the FCPS Student Information System (SIS).
    • STEP 3: Make your selection and finish by clicking the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the form.
    • STEP 4: Check your email for a message acknowledging receipt of your enrollment decision with additional information about the enrollment process and a link to change your selection, if desired.
    • STEP 5:  Repeat this process for each of your children attending school in FCPS for school year 2020-21.


We recognize this is a very important decision and families may still be gathering as much information as possible before submitting the form.  Dr. Brabrand’s town hall video from July 6 can be found here, in which he answered many questions from parents.  In addition the FCPS FAQ’s can be found here