Continuity of Learning Welcome Letter

Dear Parents, 


We would like to invite you to have your son or daughter continue their virtual learning opportunities from June 29th to July 31st.  This program is optional and not a requirement. Students currently in grades 9-11 will have access to a Google Site that provides practice on essential skills to review over the summer. The Google Site(s) are located on the Continuity of Learning Resources Page.

The Mathematics site will focus on essential skills in Geometry, AFDA, and Algebra 2.


The Language Arts site will provide practice on grammar and mechanics and offer choice reading opportunities. In addition, essential skills for English 9, English 10, and English 11.


A supplemental English Language Development Summer Practice Book will be mailed to students enrolled in High School ESOL Newcomer Programming (ELP Level 1 & 2) in Grades 9 - 11. These books will provide English Language Development practice activities to support and enrich language development during the summer. High school English Learners enrolled in Individual Math and Algebra 1 Part 1 in the spring of 2020 will mailed an Algebra preparation focused math packet. 


Students with disabilities accessing the Adapted Curriculum will receive four packets mailed to families in July to support their learning. 

To support student learning from June 29 to July 31, teachers will hold one hour per week of “office hours” for Continuity of Learning. Office hours for Mathematics, Language Arts, and English Language Development will be with one of our own outstanding staff members and are intended to support students with the digital practice resources and the English Language Development Summer Practice Book. Attendance is optional.







Ms. Mathis

Monday 9:15-10:15

Mr. Aldenderfer

Tuesday 9:15-10:15

English Language Development (ESOL)

Ms. Hedrick

Tuesday 1:15-2:15



Ms. Gray

Thursday 10:15- 11:15

Ms. Pak

Monday 11:15- 12:15

Special Education Support

Ms. Dalton

Tuesday 10:15- 11:15


To register your student for office hours and receive a secure link, please click on the link for Continuity of Learning Support:


Once registered, your child will receive log-in information through his or her FCPS Google email address prior to the first session.  If you have any questions, contact Mr. Roberson at