Weekly Update from Irving MS

Upcoming Important Dates

All FCPS Schools are closed until further notice. For more information regarding building closures, please go to fcps.edu.

Flipgrid Staff Appreciation Videos! 

It’s not too late for your child to make a Staff Appreciation Video for staff! Have your child use the Flipcode: https://flipgrid.com/a4579c94 and give a shout out to our amazing staff!

Irving Middle School Distance Learning Plan and Resources

For Irving Middle School specific Distance Learning information, please take a look at our Distance Learning Page. On this page is our weekly schedule, WIMS Teachers’ Office Hours, and links to other resources from FCPS.

Irving Middle School is a Grab and Go Location

Irving Middle School continues to be one of the Grab and Go locations. We are serving breakfast and lunch from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. You may pick up both breakfast and lunch at the same time.  Meals are free to all students and $2.00 for adults and distributed Monday - Friday. 

Do you have a concern about your child’s mental wellness?

FCPS school psychologists and school social workers are here to help. Any FCPS parent may schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with a school psychologist or school social worker who in most instances works at your child's school. Please click here to learn more and request a consultation.

Information Regarding COVID-19

For the most up-to-date information regarding the Coronavirus, please refer to the FCPS Website linked below. At Irving, we will continue to utilize this website as our guide regarding school activities and day-to-day operations.  https://www.fcps.edu/news/coronavirus-update

Library News

The Irving Library has now completed its second online book chat on Thursday, May 14th.  Since it is difficult for a group of us to obtain and read the same book title, book group participants agreed to choose a genre that we’ll read for next week.  Anyone who’d like to participate in the May 21st book chat should plan to drop in and share about a realistic fiction book that you have read. If you have trouble remembering what “realistic fiction” means, just think about a book where the action of the story could likely happen to you or someone you know.  Therefore, books with time travel, cyborgs, talking animals and dragons, or stories set in an historic or futuristic time period are probably not “realistic fiction.”   There are lots of good realistic fiction titles out there and we’d love to hear what you’ve read and enjoyed.  

Looking for something for your child to read or listen to? We have updated our selection with new titles! Click below for information on accessing free ebooks and audiobooks and for a listing of the Irving librarians’ office hours:

Information on Accessing Irving’s Digital Ebooks and Audiobooks

--Ms. Monk (mamonk1@fcps.edu) & Mrs. Gawalt (dlgawalt@fcps.edu)

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