A Message from Franklin MS - March 19

Dear Franklin Families,

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. I recognize that we are all currently facing many challenges today, and it appears we will be facing this situation for many more weeks ahead of us. We must follow the protocols and guidelines provided by the CDC and the government by social distancing from each other and monitoring vulnerable citizens and family members. I realize there is much anxiety and fear, but please know that we need to stay calm, care for one another, and stick together. It is important that we model these attributes for each other and for the children and young adults in our households and communities.

Let’s try and make this time as beneficial as possible. Over the last several days, my family has started to adjust to our new normal. We are trying to settle into some routines and have found that the things we thought would work great a few days ago, need to be adjusted. We are all recalibrating, and it is ok that it is challenging and difficult. We have spent our time learning together, being outside together, enjoying an appropriate amount of screen time together, and much more. Our new favorite board game is Ticket to Ride, our house was invaded by a Leprechaun on Tuesday, and my youngest daughter learned to ride a bike without training wheels yesterday. As one of the adults in our family, I am balancing all of that with trying to answer some of the tough questions our children are asking about what is going on and doing a lot of wondering on my own about what lies ahead in the weeks and month in front of us.

At Franklin MS, we continue to follow the expectations around learning and school operations that have been communicated by FCPS. Our staff has been virtually reaching out to students to provide optional activities that can be enjoyed during our time away from school. I have been conducting virtual meetings with our awesome staff members so we can connect with one another and have a dialogue about how we can support each other and the Franklin community. Finally, I am extremely grateful to our Superintendent and the entire FCPS Leadership Team who have been working tirelessly to lead our division through this challenging time and to develop answers to the many questions that we all have.

Over the next several weeks, please utilize the resources that are below and other online resources to keep structure and balance in your child’s life and for your family. These are just a few resources and I will continue to share more. If you aren’t already, please be sure to follow us on Twitter (@FCPSFranklinMS). Beginning next Monday, I will be posting daily messages, challenges, activities, and resources for our students and families. Additionally, feel free to contact me via email at dpwright@fcps.edu at any time.

I recently came across the following thought that has an unknown author:

Sometimes we are tested, not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.

Every one of us that is reading this message has experienced a lot of change in the last few weeks, and there is probably more to come, and that is ok. But, it will also be an opportunity for all of us to discover our strengths. Our strengths as individuals, as families, as a school, as communities, and as a society.  I encourage all of us to discover our strengths and to use them to model a sense of calm, to care for one another, and to work together. By doing this, I am confident we will find the way forward.

Thank you for all that you do to support our students and the Franklin community.


Dustin Wright



FCPS Continuity of Learning

Our division has developed a plan for continuity of learning while school is closed. Our goal is for students to read, write, communicate, and engage in continued learning experiences during this period. The first two weeks of school closure (Monday, March 16, to Friday, March 27) will not include any teacher-directed instruction. Students can participate in optional, self-directed learning activities posted on FCPS 24-7 Blackboard. Student work will be neither required nor graded. These activities will be across the content areas so each child can choose activities that suit their interests

Middle School Continuity of Learning Resources


Food Resources

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency continues to evolve, we understand that individuals and families in our communities may have food assistance needs.  To make it easier for you to find food resources, the county has developed a searchable map that includes all food distribution sites, including Fairfax County Public Schools, community meal distribution sites, food pantries and other related services.  You can enter your address, select how many miles from your address you want to search and select from the food distribution and assistance sites to find the name, address, hours (if available) and driving directions.  

Additionally, many nonprofit and faith-based organizations provide supplemental food and other services to our students and families. Their needs are ongoing.  Here is a link to resources in every part of Fairfax County that need the support of our generous community


Mental Health and Community Resources

Concern over the new virus can make children and families anxious.  While there is uncertainty about the spread of the disease in the US, acknowledging the level of concern in any family member is appropriate.  The resources found here will help you help children cope with anxiety by providing accurate prevention information and facts without causing undue alarm. This link also includes several resources that have been created by leading mental health experts on how to have age-appropriate, fact-based and reassuring conversations with you children about the outbreak and the steps they can take to stay healthy.


FCPS Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) offers a welcoming and engaging environment for parents, educators, and community members. We provide access to information and resources to support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs and disabilities.