Liberty Newsletter-February 26, 2020

Important Dates

3/3-Student Holiday

3/10-PTA meeting at 7 pm:  "Vaping” presentation by, Fairfax County Health Department

                       3/26-International Night

8th grade Writing SOL

8th Grade Students will be taking the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Grade 8 Writing SOL between March 4, 2020 and March 13, 2020. It is important that your child attend school on these days. If possible, please avoid scheduling trips or appointments that would take your child out of school during this time. It is also important that your child have a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast before testing. If you become aware of an unavoidable conflict that could result in your child missing a testing day, please notify us as soon as possible.  If you have questions about the Writing SOL, please contact our School Test Coordinator, Annie Baker, at 703-988-8207.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Applications have officially been mailed out! Eligible 7th grade students with a 3.5 or higher cumulative Grade Point Average will be receiving a letter and application in the mail within the week. Applications are due no later than March 13th. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page on the Liberty website under the Activities tab. Thank You!”

baby chicks

Baby Chicks are Soon to Make Their Appearance in 7th Grade Science Classes

As part of 7th grade Science unit on cells, students at Liberty are hatching chicken eggs. Through this experience, students will have the rare experience of seeing cells without a microscope and learn firsthand about the cell processes of mitosis and miosis.  The eggs are now in the incubators and students are recording appearance of the eggs, measuring mass, and graphing which eggs are gaining mass and which ones are not. Next, using the candling method and  a very bright flashlight, students will look through the eggshell to see the developing chicken embryo. After 21 days in the incubators, the chicks will begin to peck out of their shells and students will be able to see if their inferences, based on their data, holds true. The chicks will stay in the Science labs for 2 weeks before they will be returned to the farm park for Spring Break. 

save the date

Save the date for Liberty’s International Dinner and Celebration Thursday, March 26, 6-8 PM

Please plan to join us as we celebrate the diverse cultures and countries represented by our Liberty families.   Families are asked to bring food to share that represent your culture or country of origin.  Families also have the option of bringing cultural displays, photos, and artifacts. Additionally, families are invited to wear outfits from your native country and to share a song, dance or performance.  Registration begins soon.


Your Health Matters!! 

Do you feel you have responsible decision making with your friends?  How do you decide if a decision is right for you or not?  Do you feel comfortable in saying no and setting boundaries?  Do your decisions agree with your values?  Do you find that you make decisions based on wanting to be accepted or to gain security in your relationship?  Do you take into consideration how your decision may impact someone else?

When making decisions, all of these questions should be considered.  There are times when it can become confusing as to what decision to make in a situation.  Follow these four steps in making decisions in your relationships:

1: Brainstorm the decisions/choices that could be made in a situation.  Try not to act impulsively. 

2: Define the pros and cons to making the decision/choice one way or another.

3: Specifically what would be the consequences for each decision/choice  (ie. For yourself, for your friends, for your family, for the community).

4: Make a decision and carry it out. 

This process will help you slow down to think before you react.


More Health Tips

Illness Protection: The best vaccine against illness is to wash your hands with soap in warm water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water is not readily accessible, alcohol-based sanitizers are ok. Maintain social distancing, at least 3 feet between you and someone who is sneezing or coughing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, these are good conduits for illness to enter. Cover your cough and stay home if you are sick.

Food Safety: Do Not Share Food. Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction to certain foods or environmental elements that may cause a range of symptoms including an itchy rash, swelling of the throat or tongue, difficulty breathing or vomiting. An individual who has an allergy that causes these anaphylactic symptoms needs the emergency medication epinephrine. It is important not to share foods while on school grounds.

Practice Good Hygiene: Good hygiene contributes to your overall health and wellness! Brush your teeth at least twice a day, bathe or shower regularly, wear clean clothes, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water after using the bathroom, before eating, after coughing or sneezing and when your hands are visibly dirty.

PTA logo

Vaping Presentation at Liberty PTA Meeting, March 10, 7 PM

Please make plans to come to our March 10th PTA meeting at 7 PM in the Lecture Hall. Our guest speaker will be Amanda Price, PHN who will share information on vaping and answer questions you might have. We know this is a topic that parents want to know more about.  Please join us for this great informational session and hear about upcoming events at Liberty.

Book Drive - PTA Service Project-Last day to drop off is March 2!

If you have gently loved books collecting dust on your bookshelves we would love to take them off your hands! Many of our Lion Time classroom libraries are in dire need of upper elementary and middle school level books. The book drive will begin February 3rd and run through March 3rd. March is National Reading Month and we'd love to see just how many books we can add to these classroom libraries which are used by every single student at Liberty!! Books can be dropped off on the cart labeled PTA Book Drive located at the entrance to the library. Thank you for your help!!

Lions Chat

If an idea comes to you about a school program or policy or you have a question about a broader issue or topic, consider using our Lions Chat link

Social worker Resources

Click here to find some additional resources and announcements from our school social worker.  These resources can also be found on the Liberty MS Website




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