News You Choose - Movie Presentation at Sandburg MS

This message is sent on behalf of Ms. Millard and Mr. Barker--

Are you watching your kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston saw that with her own kids and learned that the average kid spends 6.5 hours a day looking at screens. She wondered about the impact of all this time and about the friction occurring in homes and schools around negotiating screen time—friction she knew all too well. 

The movie runs approximately 60 minutes and the discussion afterward will be about 30 minutes.  

There is no cost to attend this event, but we do ask that you register using this link:

Please direct any questions to Karin Dushaw, PTA President, at

Ms. Millard 

Principal, West Potomac High School


Mr. Darwin R. Barker

Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School