Nominate Sangster ES Employees

Dear Sangster,

As you may know, every year Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) recognizes outstanding employees at all levels.  Once again this year, all schools in FCPS are encouraged to nominate an Outstanding Teacher, whose name will then go on to the pyramid level where a Pyramid Outstanding Teacher will be selected. Each of the five Regions will then select their Region Outstanding Teacher, who will serve as the finalists for the coveted FCPS Outstanding Teacher Award. 

Schools will also select an Outstanding New Teacher (a teacher within his or her first three years of teaching) and have the option of submitting nominees for the other school-based award categories: Outstanding Principal, Outstanding Leader (e.g. Assistant Principal), Outstanding Professional Employee (e.g. School Counselor, School-Based Technology Specialist, Social Worker, School Psychologist, Technology Support Specialist), and Outstanding Operational Employee (e.g. Office Staff, Instructional Assistant, Custodial Staff, and Food Service Staff).  Nominations for Bus Driver will be processed through the transportation department. 

We are asking you, the Sangster parent and guardian community, to help us gather names for this process. If you would like to nominate a Sangster staff member for any of the above awards, please send the name of your nominee and a short paragraph about him or her in an email to Tom Rowader, our awards liaison, at no later than Thursday, November 14th.  All responses will be kept confidential.  If you are nominating a staff member for the Outstanding Teacher or Outstanding New Teacher award, please address at least two of the following award criteria in your submission to Mr. Rowader:

• Instills in students a desire to learn and achieve
• Understands the individual needs of students, encourages their talents, and fosters their self-esteem
• Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of subject matter and the ability to share it effectively with students
• Fosters cooperative relationships and engages with their colleagues and the community
• Demonstrates outstanding leadership

We are excited that we can recognize so many outstanding employees.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Tom Rowader at  We would love to hear from you!


Lisa M. Reddel



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