October 18, 2019

Superintendent’s Excellence in Equity Award


We are proud to announce that Shrevewood Elementary School will be recognized with the Superintendent’s Excellence in Equity Award.  This award is for continuing to raise the bar and closing student achievement gaps. Dr. Brabrand and Dr. Ivey will be honoring our school's outstanding performance at a Regional Principals Meeting.  

Book Fair Update

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Book Fair will now take place from November 15 – November 22. This date change will give us an opportunity to provide a variety of time slots for students and families to visit the book fair.  Please contact: Mary Thweatt at mthweatt@fcps.edu to volunteer.  

Positivity Project


Perspective: You appreciate that people see things in different ways.  You have the ability to understand the world from multiple point of views.  

Kiss & Ride

kiss and ride

In an effort to make our Kiss & Ride line more efficient and safe for everyone, we have decided to make some adjustments to our current process.

  • Starting next week, each family will receive a number that will be used to identify your vehicle to staff members during the afternoon pick up. You will receive this number in the Kiss and Ride line.
  • A staff member will walk by each car in line and radio the numbers to another staff member in the cafeteria to signal to the students to go outside to their vehicle. Please be sure to have your number visible on your dashboard.
  • On the reverse side of your number, will be list of Kiss and Ride guidelines. We ask that you please read and follow these in order for our process to work as safely as possible.

We understand that there will be adjustment period to our new system, so we welcome any feedback or questions you might have. Do not hesitate to speak to any of the staff members at Kiss & Ride.  Ultimately, we believe working together these adjustments will help meet our goal of having a more efficient and safe Kiss & Ride.  

Staff Nominations

To submit a nomination for a Shrevewood Outstanding Employee in one of the categories below, please complete the nomination through this Google form link. You may nominate an employee in one or more categories. All that is required for a preliminary nomination is a paragraph or two about how this employee demonstrates exceptional work in the criteria for that category. The google form link has more information regarding the criteria for each of these awards.

Outstanding Teacher 
Outstanding New Teacher 
Outstanding New Principal
Outstanding Leader 
Outstanding Professional Employee 
Outstanding Operational Employee

Note: The deadline to submit a nomination is November 4, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Romona Wright at rdwright@fcps.edu

Digital Citizenship Week

dig cit week

FCPS is celebrating Digital Citizenship Week from October 21-25, 2019! This year’s theme is Media Balance and Well-Being: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Technology. Our school is celebrating Digital Citizenship Week with activities focused on developing healthy habits around technology use. Parents can also choose to sign up to receive text messages from Common Sense Media with Tips for Health Tech Balance (for children ages 3-8).  

Resources and Suggested Activities for Each Day’s Theme

Monday: Families are encouraged to reflect on their own relationship with technology, their media habits, and begin to think of ways to make some healthy adjustments. 

Tuesday: Students and families are encouraged to exercise healthy tech practices such as managing notification settings and turning off screens an hour before bedtime. Try some of these ideas:

  • Consider making phone-free zones in your home.
  • Promote better sleep by disconnecting from screens at least one hour before bedtime and charging your phone outside of the bedroom.
  • Change your phone’s notification settings to minimize distractions or try some of these suggestions. 

Wednesday: On this day, students and families are encouraged to think about how technology can be used to create original works.  Encourage students to favor the active use of technology for creation over passive consumption. Try some of these ideas:

  • Use Common Sense Media’s App Reviews to learn about your child’s favorite games and apps and what you might need to teach them in order to use it safely.
  • Students are also encouraged to experiment with computer coding at home. Code.org has activities that teach students to use coding to design games, apps, drawings, and websites.

Thursday: Students and families are encouraged to think critically about the media they consume and actively evaluate and select high quality, age-appropriate media. Try some of these ideas:

  • Help your child become a critical consumer of media by discussing these 5 questions with them when you consume media together such as books, movies, and news articles.
  • Consider Common Sense Media’s reviews of movies, apps, TV shows, video games, websites, and music for information that can help you decide if the media your child is consuming is appropriate for them.

Friday: Students and families are encouraged to practice media balance by taking a break from screens to engage in real-world experiences and quality time with their friends and family. Try some of these ideas:

  • Have a device-free dinner and focus on connecting as a family.
  • Take on a Phone-Free Day challenge as a family and commit to leaving the phone at home when family members go to school or work.  Notice how your day changes and discuss the benefits and challenges together. 

Shreve Road VDOT

Shreve Road Community Working Group - Representatives Meeting

Tuesday, October 22 - 6:30pm

Shrevewood Elementary Cafeteria

As a leader in a community association or volunteer with the Shreve Road Community Working Group, we'd like to invite you to a meeting about next steps in our discussions with VDOT. To help address community concerns, VDOT has agreed to review a list of issues along Shreve Road and discuss possible improvements. The outcome of the meeting will be a consensus document to present to VDOT.  Prior to the meeting we will share a draft document that includes items collected through a community survey and shared by neighbors.  

During the meeting, we will also share an update about VDOT plans to make signage changes along Shreve and results of the community survey.  

Book Character Day

alice in wonderland

Does your child have a favorite book?  This year we are asking students to dress up on October 31st for Book Character Day!  This will be a fun day for all students and staff to celebrate our favorite book characters! 

Washington Nationals Pride


The Washington Nationals are going to the World Series. This is the first time since 1933 that there will be a World Series in DC. The series will start on Tuesday night (10/22). So, to show the pride that Shrevewood has for the Washington Nationals we are having “Nats Day” at Shrevewood on Tuesday, October 22nd. Students and teachers are encouraged to wear their Washington Nationals shirts to school to cheer on the Nats! 

Advanced Academics Meeting

AAP Night

Shrevewood Spotlight


Week at a Glance

Digital Citizenship Week!

Monday, October 21

  • Daily Focus: Wear your thinking cap and reflect on your technology use and habits.
  • AAP Parent Information Sessions, 11-12 and  6:30-7:30

Tuesday, October 22

  • Daily Focus: Exercise your healthy tech habits.
  • Washington Nationals Pride Day 

Wednesday, October 23

  • Daily Focus: Focus on how you can use technology to CREATE.

Thursday, October 24

  • Daily Focus: Focus on using high quality media.

Friday, October 25

  • Daily Focus: Take a break from screens.