A Message from the Principal

Good afternoon, Lanier Families,


At approximately 1:25 today, the City Police asked us to go into “Secure the Building” mode, which means that all staff and students were to remain indoors and learning and instruction went on as scheduled. They were investigating an event at Kutner Park. By 1:40, we were released to resume normal activities.


Please relay our appreciation to your students for their cooperation during this event. When we went into “Secure the Building” mode, some students may have become nervous and felt the need to text home even though they had limited information. Because we are “Away for the Day,” we realize that you are waiting for us to let you know about events such as these. Your child’s safety is our priority, so we will always strive to keep you accurately informed as soon as possible.


Thank you for entrusting us with your most beloved family members,

Tammy Hanna