Robo Calls /Check-Outs/Emergency Care /Health Information Form

  • Robo Calls
  • Check-Outs
  • Emergency Care
  • Health Information Form


  • If you receive the 10:00 am. robocall, please ignore it and DO NOT CALL the main office or attendance office. All calls and e-mails are entered by the time the second robocall goes out around 6:00pm.
  • Main office and attendance office personnel CAN'T change student's attendance - If a teacher reported your student absent from his/her class, please contact your student's teacher via e-mail. The teacher will notify the attendance office if a correction is needed.
  • NOTE: Parents (NOT STUDENTS) must report any absences to the attendance office by phone (703-718-2528), e-mail; or a signed note.
  • NOTE: Students may not call or check themselves out.
    • Students won’t be released to any person NOT listed in the emergency care form.
    • Only those on Emergency Contact form may check out a student
  • To update the Emergency Contact form:
  • Update through weCare@schoolon FCPS 24-7) Please update the ECF online or  print out the emergency care form-link attached, update it and bring it to the main office.

Emergency care form must be updated on line or return a hard copy to the main office by Friday, September 27, 2019.

Address changes need to be made in person in student services department

Health Information Form:

Please print out the health Information form – link attached - Completed forms must be returned to your student’s advisory teacher by Friday, September 27. 2019