Senior Prom FAQ's

When/where is prom?

Prom is from 7:30 - 11:30 pm on Saturday, June 1 at the Bellevue Conference and Event Center located at 43350 John Mosby Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20152. People interested in taking nice photos in the Grand Marquesa Room (totally worth it!) should arrive early as indoor lights will be on from 7:30 - 8:30 (see photo section for more info). Lights will go down for dancing from 8:30 onwards. Please note that we absolutely must vacate the building by 12:00 or we risk violating our contract and losing our deposit, so please make sure you leave on time!


Will there be parking?

Yes, but we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO CARPOOL because the space will be very limited (about 150 spaces total because there will be a wedding in a different part of the venue that starts even earlier at 7:00 pm). There are very few spaces at the front of the building but if you drive around to the side there is a larger parking lot.


How do I check-in?

When you get to prom enter through the main door of the building and you should see four check-in stations. Each station will have a sign — find the sign that includes the first letter of your last name and wait to be checked off. YOU, AND YOUR GUEST, WILL NEED AN ID FOR ENTRY. Guests will check-in with the senior they are accompanying (i.e., regardless of your guest’s last name, they should check-in with you at the same line).


Where in the venue is prom?

After you check-in, please be prepared to go through TJ security before you enter the Grand Marquesa Room on the ground floor. There will be a greeter to assist and guide you to the location. We are only allowed on the ground floor of the building. There is plenty of space for everyone, so please do not wander off into other parts of the building. We want to be respectful of wedding guests in the venue as well.


Is there a coat/shoe check?

Yes! You can check both near the entrance that you will be directed to after you check-in.


Will there be photography at prom?

Yes! Upon arrival from 7:30-8:30 pm, the lighting will be bright and decorative. This is so that people can see the venue and have an opportunity to get a photo taken by the professional photographer on the majestic marble staircase of the Grand Marquesa Room (highly recommended). In addition, we will have a student photographer and videographer throughout the night. It is also possible we will have a photobooth that immediately prints photo-strips, however, it is pending approval and confirmation.


Will there be food?

There will be a large dessert buffet, a soft drinks bar, and a self-serve coffee & tea station. We’re expecting that you all will go to dinner, but don’t forget to save room for our desserts, as there will be lots! :)


What are the party favors?

It’s a surprise 😉 You will be able to take one as you exit the prom.


What else do I need to know?

  • No students are allowed on the DJ’s platform
  • No illegal substances allowed
  • Please be respectful of the space and guests. Have fun and be safe. Any damages or mishaps need to be reported to class sponsors or admin immediately. We want to ensure that our safety deposit is returned so we may execute our senior class gift ideas.