End of Year Events at TJHSST & Student Financial Obligations

End of Year Exams and Events

The 2018-19 school year is rapidly drawing to a close. Below is a list of upcoming events, final exam schedules and early release dates.

May 28-29:  tjSTAR

May 31:  J-Day in the afternoon

May 30-June 4:  Senior Exams     

June  1:  Prom, The Bellevue in Chantilly

June 4: Last Day for Senior Classes

June 6:  Graduation Rehearsal, TJ gymnasium

June  7:  Exams Periods 1 and 2, dismissal at 1 pm

June 8: Graduation at GMU, 7pm

June 10:  Exams Periods 3 and 4, dismissal at 1 pm

June 11:  Exams Periods 5 and 6, dismissal at 1 pm

June 12:  Exams Period 7; makeup exams or class projects, dismissal at 1 pm

June 13:  Last Day for Students, modified schedule. Dismissal at 10:40 am. This is a 2-hour instructional day to review grades/exams, not a 2-hour early release.

June 14:  No school for students. Last day for teachers who may work from home.

Student Obligations

Thanks to all our students for being great stewards of TJ resources. We are so fortunate to have updated textbooks and equipment that maximize learning opportunities.

We also recognize accidents happen, items get lost or students forget to return things. Therefore, as we approach the end of the school year, we want to bring student financial obligations to your attention.

Obligation lists are posted outside the Finance Offices and in Franklin Commons.  Parents, please have your students check both lists, which have obligations identified by Student ID#, to make sure that there are no outstanding obligations. Below is a description of fees and how they can be paid:

Materials Obligations: These include fees for lost books, uniforms, etc., from previous school years.

  • Please submit your payment to the TJ Finance Office in the form of a check made payable to TJHSST or cash.  Exact amount is needed, as the Finance Office cannot make change. 

Fee Obligations: These include class fees and AP test fees for students taking more than 6 AP tests.

  • Online Payment Option: Please log in to www.MySchoolBucks.com to pay your open invoices. 
  • On Campus Payment Option: If you prefer to pay on campus or cannot pay through My School Bucks, please remit your class fees to your teacher and any AP test fees to Mr. Kosatka in Student Services.
  • Seniors: Please be sure to turn in all of your current textbooks or school property by Monday, June 3.  Any materials not turned in by June 3 will result in a new obligation that will need to be paid before you pick-up your cap and gown on Thursday, June 6.