Current 10th Grade Students: Academic and Career Plans

Academic and Career Plans

Dear Parent or Guardian of Current 10th Grade Student:

This year, your child is continuing to develop an Academic and Career Plan (ACP) that supports their current work as well as helps them plan for the future. Your child will work with their teachers and school counselor to discover their personal strengths and interests, create goals to help them achieve success, plan for courses that meet high school graduation requirements, and prepare for life after high school. The development of the ACP starts in middle school and is updated regularly through high school as each student’s academic, personal, and career goals evolve.

This plan connects to the Fairfax County Public Schools strategic plan, supports Portrait of a Graduate attributes, and is also required by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). VDOE requires that the student’s parent or guardian review this plan. When reviewing the plan with your child, you can coach him or her to make decisions about college and careers that match his or her personal strengths, interests, and goals, recognizing there are multiple pathways to success.

Please have your child log into his or her ACP in Family Connection and, with your child, review the following information:

  • results of the strengths and career surveys
  • goals
  • Resume Builder
  • draft course plans for high school

If you have a Blackboard Parent View account, you can log into your account, and together you and your child can view his or her plan. Once in your child’s account, click the “about me” tab and scroll down to “portfolio.” Once you click on the portfolio, you can view all of the work that has been completed by your child.

Once you have reviewed your child’s plan, use this link: or this Google form to complete the verification form. The completion of this form will serve as your signature. This must be completed by Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

For more information about your child’s ACP, visit or the ACP website.


Sonya Williams

Director of Student Services

Phone: 703-488-6382