tjSTAR News and Attendance for AP Exam Weeks

Stress Less, Laugh More at TJ!


We kicked off our annual Stress Less, Laugh More week with our Jazz Band serenading us Monday morning. Students ran to get their yogurt parfaits compliments of our TJPTSA Wellness Committee on Tuesday. Other activities this week include dress-up days, therapy dogs, Throwback Thursday, and basketball. Many thanks to our student Minds Matter Club and SGA for their creativity, heart and support in bringing a fun week to our school.

tjSTAR News

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Greetings from the tjSTAR Committee! The annual Symposium to Advance Research is proudly celebrating its 11th year of highlighting student researchers.

This year, tjSTAR is transitioning from its former model and will span two days rather than taking place all on one day. The intent is to reinvigorate a school wide interest where students can be inspired by their peers' research and enjoy classroom guest speakers with STEM topics complementing current instruction and tailored to student interests. We will also be able to more successfully address logistical constraints we have experienced with parking and classroom capacity.  

The dates of tjSTAR are Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29.  To make the day smoother, below is some information that may be helpful.

Senior and CHUM Parents

  • You are cordially invited to your child's research presentation. Please arrive in time for your Senior’s presentation and depart soon after to free up parking for new arrivals.
  • Senior presentations will take place in a variety of classrooms beyond the research labs. The room list will be finalized by mid-May and students will be informed where their presentations take place. Please ask your senior for the correct date, time and room location before you arrive at the symposium.
  • CHUM projects selected for presentation will take place in designated areas and parents/guardians will be notified separately. As always, students can notify their parents regarding the specific location and time.


  • Parking will be on a first come basis. There will not be shuttle buses, but with the event spread over two days, on-site parking most likely will be adequate as guests rotate in and out.
  • When you arrive on campus, security personnel will assist. Please do not hesitate to ask for guidance.
  • The visitor lot across from The Dome will be available for guests with handicap license plates or window tags.
  • All other guests may park in any marked parking space on the property regardless of signs that may indicate staff or student parking. You may also use the TJ stadium parking area.  

How can we help? Info/Logistics Table for parents and guests

  • The tjSTAR Planning Committee will have a logistics/information table in Nobel Commons.
  • Please sign in and pick up a name tag when you arrive.
  • We will be able to look up the location of the Senior and CHUM presentations, just in case your child forgets to tell you the room number.
  • Student tjSTAR Committee Members will escort visitors as needed.

Lunch for Seniors will be provided on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Please help us spread the word by sharing the good news with your seniors! 

This year we are providing tailored classroom support for successful IBET yearend presentations in a more intimate setting. Students experienced greater pressure with the previous format, we were not able to adequately accommodate parents in classrooms, and parents had difficulty accessing our campus with off-site parking and shuttles. While we regret not being able to accommodate guests in IBET, the revamped format will yield improvements in other areas. We will continue to evaluate our symposium in a way that balances school-wide participation with visitors to classrooms. 

Thank you in advance for your support. We hope parents of Seniors and CHUM presenters will enjoy visiting tjSTAR for your student’s presentation!

Koji Otani and Betsy Sandstrom Faculty Sponsors, tjSTAR

Email to:

AP Exams and Attendance

Thanks to our many parent volunteers who will assist with proctoring and snacks during Advanced Placement test season. We are all working together to make the coming weeks seamless and worry free for all.

While the majority of the student body will be engaged in AP testing starting May 6 through May 17, we want to remind parents and students that regular classes with ongoing instruction occur during this time. We encourage students to attend all classes when not testing.

If a parent/guardian chooses to have your child stay home the morning of an afternoon exam or leave following a morning exam, the student must submit a note from their parent/guardian before their absences will be excused.

To expedite excusing students on AP testing dates, students may begin submitting these notes for their AP testing days this Thursday and Friday, May 2-3, to the Attendance Office.  Multiple dates can be excused on the same note.  Students who submit their notes this week will be able to quickly sign in or sign out outside the Attendance Office each day of their exams without submitting an additional note.

Students who do not submit their notes early must submit a note as they check-in or check-out each of their exam days through the Attendance Office.

We appreciate you planning in advance with early and complete notification. This will greatly assist our Attendance Office with workflow and managing accurate attendance records.