Course Selection Update, Summer School Registration, and 2019 Grad Info

Course Selection Update

Thank you for the care you took this past spring to enroll in recommended and desired courses. We validated your selections and are beginning to build next year’s schedules.  In doing so, we would like you to be aware of course title tweaks we make to prompt the programming modules to work.

We will temporarily “reassign” select students who have certain combinations of semester classes into placeholder yearlong course numbers. Rest assured, these reassignments are temporary until the master schedule is built. This is an annual process and we always restore the original courses during the summer before school starts in August.

Listed below is a table of the placeholder reassignments.

Learning Seminar 2 (000112) = TJ Math 3 & TJ Math 4

Learning Seminar 3 (000113) = Research Statistics 1 & TJ Math 3

Learning Seminar 4 (000114) = Research Statistics 1 & TJ Math 4

Learning Seminar 5 (000115) = TJ Math 4 & TJ Math 5

Learning Seminar 6 (000116) = Artificial Intelligence 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 7 (000117) = Parallel Computing 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 8 (000118) = 8th Period Activities

Learning Seminar 9 (000119) = Computer Vision 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 10 (000122) = MultiVariable Calculus & Matrix Alg

Learning Seminar 11 (000121) = Mobile & Web Application Development


Again, the placeholders are temporary and the original course titles will be restored. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s counselor and they will be happy to help.


Summer School

Summer School registration opens on Monday April 29, 2019.

Please visit the TJHSST Summer Programs 2019 website at:


Class of 2019

Graduation is on the horizon and we’ve published some general information about the upcoming ceremony at:

Seniors, please be sure to re-read the message sent earlier this week about Senior Dues and Obligations (

We want to wish you all the best of luck as you finalize your post-secondary decisions and look forward to learning what you decide for your future when you complete the Senior Survey. Details to come soon about that process.