Algebra Review Sessions

Algebra Skills Review Sessions for Freshmen

Dear Parents of Students in Research Statistics 1:

Our goal is to make your child's transition to TJ Math programs as seamless and supportive as possible. To that end, our teachers of freshmen math students are identifying growth points for your child and providing additional opportunities for your son/daughter to improve fundamental skills.  

Your child has taken an Algebra 1 diagnostic test reflective of the entry-level skills recommended for TJ students. Teachers have provided descriptive feedback to your son/daughter in terms of areas to focus on and revisit. Teachers gave a blank diagnostic checklist to students to review and give to parents to sign. If your son/daughter has misplaced the copy, a blank copy is available in the Blackboard Research Statistics 1 Fall 2018 Course Documents section called Parent Information for BB 2018. Each student completed the checklist in class to identify individualized areas for academic intervention to close skills gaps and be positioned for success.   

The dates and topics for Algebra review sessions have been posted in Blackboard Research Statistics 1 Fall 2018 course.  These are optional sessions that your son/daughter can attend during 8th period over the next few weeks.  Finally, several resources have been posted on Blackboard.

Our  goal is to strengthen these areas of concern so your son/daughter can succeed in second semester math courses.  Please strongly encourage your son/daughter to attend any of these sessions for additional help and support.  While these sessions are optional, we believe that attendance at these sessions is very important for the above stated reasons. Feel free to reach out to your child's teacher with any questions.

Thank you for your support and partnership with our math department and their efforts to provide a quality education for your son/daughter.


Mike Yohe

Assistant Principal

Supervisor of Mathematics/Computer Science