tjSTAR 2018- You are Invited!

Dear TJ Families,

May 30, 2018 will be an exciting day at TJ - our annual tjSTAR (Symposium to Advance Research) event.

tjSTAR is a special school day for students to celebrate their research, attend interactive workshops, listen to expert speakers on panels, participate in design competitions, and explore innovative technologies in demonstration sessions. Freshmen will share their IBET projects and seniors will present their year-long lab and mentorship research projects.  

Not only can all students learn from each other, all students can meet alumni and professionals who are doing research or connecting research to real world problems. Imagine the potential for research assistantships and future internships! There's even more planned for tjSTAR, like CHUM, independent research, and the JUMP lab. Students can discuss the rich diversity of learning opportunities at TJ and beyond.

All student presenters are expected to wear professional attire to showcase their work as if at a professional conference.  We will be hosting hundreds of visitors and partners from participating School Boards, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and research universities.  Students are expected to remain at school for the entire day.

Parents/guardians of students who are presenting are invited to observe their child's session at tjSTAR. We ask parents to attend only their child's presentation since parent parking on campus will not be available. However, there will be satellite parking with complimentary shuttle service available at Immanuel Bible Church (6911 Braddock Rd, Alexandria).  

Please arrive at the satellite parking at least 60 minutes in advance of the shuttle bus departure to allow time to take the shuttle to the school, check in, and then locate the designated room.   If you do not yet know when and where your child is presenting, please ask your child for that information before arriving. The time period for each session block as well as further information on satellite parking and the complete bus schedule are posted on our tjSTAR website.

We are very fortunate that many sponsors have contributed to this event to provide these special opportunities to our students. More importantly, we are privileged to have over 500 research projects on display created by our very own stars - so our students can gain insight and inspiration for their future research.

Questions should be directed to the TJ student at your home for the quickest response.  If you still have questions that do not require an immediate response, please contact us at

Last, and certainly not least, a huge thanks to TJ teachers Lisa Wu, Betsy Sandstrom and Koji Otani, along with the TJ Partnership Fund, for their tireless commitment organizing this year's event.

We look forward to an exciting day!

Yours truly,

Ann N. Bonitatibus