Class of 2022 5-2-18 Update

Dear Parents of the TJHSST Class of 2022,

We have just finished processing all of the registration paperwork that we’ve received to date and updated our database accordingly.   Thank you for your patience during this process. 

This week we will be mailing home a copy of what we call the Student Course Request Profile. This will serve two purposes. First, it will confirm that we have entered the mailing address for all of our students properly and it will provide all of our families that are joining us from outside of FCPS their student’s FCPS Student ID number. The Student Course Request Profile will include a list of all of a student’s course requests for the coming school year. It will not reflect any changes that might result in a course being taken over the Summer. Those changes will be made after we’ve received confirmation that a student has, in fact, registered for Summer School.

If you find any errors in the Student Course Request Profile please email Mr. Kosatka at to report any errors or corrections that might be necessary.

Summer School registration for TJHSST Summer Programs will be open Monday May 7, 2018 and will be done online.

For more information about the TJHSST Summer Programs, please visit: