April 3: New Traffic Pattern for Dismissal


Dear TJ Community:

We look forward to welcoming all of you back from Spring Break and hope you enjoyed some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

Following the completion of our renovation last spring, we have been evaluating traffic patterns on our campus to maximize safety. Our TJ Safety and Security office has received numerous parent, staff and student concerns regarding traffic safety during dismissal.  Specifically, current patterns at the rear of the building could be improved to yield greater safety.  

Here are some examples that have been documented through our studies.  Vehicles park in No Parking areas.  Vehicles stop in the middle of traffic to pick up students who run through traffic.  Student drivers walk between the moving cars to get to their car.  Traffic congestion persists in the Kiss and Ride lane; traffic can flow in both directions and some drivers make U turns in the lane.  

With the aid of police and the entire Safety team, we have developed new afternoon pick up patterns to address the problems we are experiencing. We will trial these new patterns after Spring Break, effective Tuesday, April 3.

  • The morning Kiss and Ride lane will remain the same.
  • The afternoon Kiss and Ride lane will be eliminated.
  • In the afternoon, ALL cars will be directed to park in a space in the rear of the building BEFORE attempting to pick up a student.
  • All cars will travel in a “one-way” direction coming in to park, and then leave the parking lot toward the front entrance.
  • Students will be required to use the crosswalks to enter the parking area.
  • TJ Safety staff will be visible and help with the logistics.

As a reminder, those wishing to park on the access road by the stadium may do so PRIOR to 4:00pm.  Also, continue to be aware that at 4:00pm our buses along the front of the property begin to load, and it is against the law to pass loading school buses.  This is why traffic is directed to the rear of the building.

The easiest and safest time to pick up students after school continues to be after 4:15pm.  By that time, all of our school buses have left and there is very little traffic.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping keep our most valued assets safe ... our TJ students!

Yours Truly,


R. McCormick


Safety and Security