TJ Trivia Night: Friday, February 16 at 4:30

You're Invited to TJ Trivia Night

Do you want to show your TJ student how much smarter than them you really are? Do you like food, prizes, and/or trivia?

Then get excited for TJ Trivia Night! Trivia Night will be held in the Cafeteria from 4:30 to 6:00 on Friday, February 16.

Teams of up to five members will compete to answer the most trivia questions correctly for honor, glory, and $100 in Amazon gift cards. Question topics can range from geography to sports to current events to pop culture, so be ready for anything!

Trivia Night is NOT limited to students—parents, faculty, and members outside the TJ community are all welcome to compete! Teams can consist of any combination of the above-mentioned groups, which means parent-student teams ARE allowed!

If you would like to guarantee your team a spot in Trivia night, ask your student to bring $4 per team member to the Student Leadership Room (Room 224) and complete the following Google form before 4:00 on Friday, February 16.

Individuals can register at the door for $5 and form teams the night of.

Reasons to come:

  • TJ Drama’s Spring Musical, Mary Poppins, starts at 7:00 the same night. Go to Trivia Night, grab dinner, then watch the musical!
  • Teachers Isaac Carey and Jonathan Osborne will be emceeing the event!
  • The first place team will win $100 in Amazon gift cards, with other teams winning smaller prizes!
  • Pizza, desserts, drinks, and other concessions will be sold at low prices!
  • All proceeds will go towards the TJ Student Government Association and the TJ Quizbowl team, one of the top-ranked Quizbowl teams in the nation!
  • It’s going to be fun!

If you have any questions about Trivia Night, email the TJ Quizbowl Team at!

We hope to see you at Trivia Night!

The Student Government Association and the TJHSST Quizbowl Team