Mental Wellness Initiatives at TJHSST

Mental Wellness Initiatives At TJHSST 

We just finished a successful mental wellness screening for our 11th grade students. The screening gave us the opportunity to connect with students in need and link them to on-going resources. Next week, we will begin working with 10th graders through health classrooms to complete the Friend to Friend training. The training will serve as a platform for our discussion about how to support peers’ mental health and what to do in a crisis. 

Ever wonder what other mental wellness support students receive at TJHSST? Here is a quick overview of the mental wellness supports planned for this year:

Mental wellness screenings for 11th and 9th graders

Friend-to-Friend training and discussion for all 10th graders through Health classes

Monthly guided meditations during morning announcements

Minds Matter club, sponsored by Ms. Armstrong, school social worker. A club dedicated to psychoeducation and reduction of stigma that surrounds mental health. This club won the Student Peace Award of Fairfax County last year and is in charge of planning and implementing mental wellness week and Stress Less, Laugh More week.

Relaxation club. This club is sponsored by Ms. Kochman, English teacher. It meets monthly and offers a 40 min. guided mediation.

Rejuvenate Club. This club is offered bi-weekly and is sponsored by Ms. Armstrong, school social worker and Ms. Martinez, school counselor. The first 10 min. of the club is dedicated to practicing a stress-relieving strategy. The remaining 30 min. is dedicated to quiet meditation without electronics. Coloring supplies are provided. Pillows are encouraged.

Mental wellness week. This year it is scheduled for February 26 to March 2, prior to the SOL tests. This week is dedicated to school-wide psychoeducation and offers at least one special event per day. More details to come.

Stress Less, Laugh More week. This year it is scheduled for April 30 to May 4, prior to AP testing. Last year’s highlights included: therapy dogs, make-it-take-it yogurt parfaits, yoga, and make-it-take-it calming dough. More details to come.

MindUp group through Honors Psychology, weekly for nine weeks. This evidence-based mindfulness curriculum teaches students the science behind mindfulness and covers mindfulness through all five senses, perspective taking, optimism, gratitude, and random acts of kindness. 

Lego-Based Social Skill Lunch Group. This group uses Legos as a medium to teach social skills, problem solving skills, and help students develop friendships. It meets bi-weekly on Thursdays throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

Executive Functioning Group. This five to six week long group meets during JLC and teaches specific strategies for time management, organization, prioritization, planning, task initiation, studying, and cognitive flexibility. Any student is welcome to attend; parent permission is required. More details to come. 

Junior Parent Night. Parent presentation with information regarding how to prepare your student for college…beyond academics. 

TJHSST Youth Data Survey results. The clinical team will present the results of the Youth Data Survey during the February 6th PTSA meeting. 

If you have any questions about the activities listed above or concerned about your student’s mental wellness, please contact your student’s counselor or Ms. Armstrong ( See a club your student may enjoy? Encourage your student to attend!