RCMS After School Program Announcements

After-School Program


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The majority of our after-school activities will be starting this week and next.  We are very excited about our after-school program this year!  We have many stimulating and unique opportunities and hope your child will find something that interests them.  Please see below for some important information in regards to the After-School Program.

Late Buses

Late buses begin on Monday September 25th and will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  A copy of the late bus runs can be found on the “Carson Community” Blackboard site.  Additional copies will also be outside Mr. Pawlowski’s office in the Library.  There are fewer buses and runs, the stop may be different from the normal morning or afternoon stop.  If you have questions or issues with late bus runs, contact Area 3 Transportation at 703-249-7000. 


The most current listing of clubs and activities can be found on our website and also on the “Carson School Community” Blackboard site.  This list will constantly be updated throughout the year with changes and additions.  Please check back often to make sure you are viewing the most recent version.  This document will tell you and your child how to sign up or participate in each of our activities.  Some clubs do require sign-ups, a try-out, or audition so please pay careful attention to that.  Many of our clubs have limited enrollment because of staffing and space constraints.  In addition, signing up for some activities can be a time-sensitive concern so please pay careful attention to dates and deadlines. 


Attendance is taken each day after school for all activities.  Your child will receive a unique bar code that will identify them.  Bar codes will be scanned during the beginning of their activity, your child will need to keep this bar code with them any time they are staying after regardless if it’s in a club or if it’s with a teacher for extra help.  If your child is absent from school, they are not permitted to return to participate in the after-school program that day. 


If you are picking your child up, please utilize the Kiss and Ride area.  You do not need to check your child out through the main office.  If you are picking them up prior to the conclusion of their activity, please pre-arrange this with them so they know to meet you in the Kiss and Ride area.  We do encourage students to stay through to the end of their activity, please avoid early pick up when possible.  If you choose to pick your child up instead of them taking a late bus, please arrive promptly at the conclusion of their activity to prevent unnecessary wait time by students or staff.  Students who are consistently late being picked up will be required to take the late bus home. 


-Be sure to discuss your child’s after-school plan with them every day to avoid any confusion in the afternoon. 

-Due to the number of students staying after each day, it’s extremely difficult to deliver phone messages to students.  Please communicate with your child ahead of time to avoid any potential problems. 

-Consider having your child bring a snack from home on days they will be staying after.  

-All FCPS and RCMS school rules apply during the after-school program.  Please remind your child to adhere to this. 

Encourage your child to be an active part of the after-school program.  Research has shown that there are many benefits to participating and here are just a few…

-Increased academic performance and classroom participation

-Improved homework completion rates

-Improved student behavior

-Better peer relations and emotional adjustment

-Improved student-adult relationships

-Improved school attendance

-Better attitude towards school

-Reduced high risk behavior and gang crime

-Increased participation in healthy recreational activities

-Increased school, family, and community partnerships 

Have questions or need more information about the after-school program?

Contact Mr. Pawlowski, After-School Program Specialist, AJPawlowski@fcps.edu